Soothe Yourself In 'This Long Haul We Call Life' With Amy Sedaris' Morning Routine

On "At Home with Amy Sedaris," there are only "Hers" and "Also Hers" towels.

In a crazy world, it’s important to focus on self-care.

If you’re still deciding what self-care looks like to you, why not get inspired by America’s off-kilter domestic goddess, Amy Sedaris?

The author of I Like You and Simple Times is taking her delightful entertaining tips to the small screen this month, and the result is as comforting and soul-nourishing as a warm cheese ball. The actress and comedian’s new television show, “At Home with Amy Sedaris,” will instruct viewers on important life skills such as entertaining businessmen and gutting a fish — you know, anything the modern gal needs to know. Expect cameos from fellow comedy greats like Nick Kroll, Stephen Colbert and a singing Jane Krakowski.

In the segment from above, provided exclusively to HuffPost, our fearless host guides us through her morning routine. You’ll be wondering how you ever got through the day without starting it by “land stroking” on your nubby Pepto Bismol–colored carpeting before.

Check out the intro to her delightfully wacky series below.

“At Home with Amy Sedaris” premieres on truTV Oct. 24 at 10:30 p.m. ET.