Amy Shackleton, Artist, Reveals Her Painting Process With Time-Lapse Video

Amy Shackleton, a 25-year-old artist in Toronto, doesn't use a paintbrush to create these images.

She uses what look like ketchup and mustard bottles to squeeze paint onto the canvases, and then rotates the pictures to control the dripping.

It may be difficult to imagine how that technique leads to paintings like these, but thanks to this time-lapse video, which speeds up her painting process by 800, we can see exactly how Shackleton works: measuring, marking, squeezing paint, rotating and even removing the canvases. According to Gizmodo, this is 30 hours of painting compressed down to two minutes.

Time-lapse video is not just for human-made projects: check out this stunning time-lapse video from Norway and this one, made by compiling images from the International Space Station.

WATCH: Amy Shackleton - Painting Time-Lapse: