Amy Strand, Mom, Told She Couldn't Carry Breast Pump On Plane

Mom Told She Couldn't Carry Breast Pump On Plane

Amy Strand, mom of 9-month old, Eva, was traveling from Lihue to Maui Wednesday when a TSA agent told her she couldn't carry her breast pump on board the plane because the milk bottles were empty. Strand then asked for a private area to plug in the machine and pump. She was told to go into the women’s bathroom. KITV4 News reports that she was "embarrassed and humiliated" having to pump "in front of every tourist that walked into that bathroom."

Officials have since admitted to their mistake, and apologized, according to KITV. Recently, the TSA changed its screening policy to allow moms to carry breast milk onto airplanes without testing it. Breast pumps may require additional screening because they are considered medical equipment -- but the agent told Strand "that she could only bring the pack if it was medically necessary." In a statement to KITV4 News, the TSA admitted to the mistake and said:

"We accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding and any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have caused her."

To remedy the situation, TSA officials told Strand that "the agent involved will go through remediation training, and a memo will be sent to agents at Lihue airport about how to deal with similar situations in the future."

For the full story, click over to KITV4 News.

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