Winehouse Documentarian Asif Kapadia Expected Backlash To 'Amy'

Asif Kapadia anticipated his Amy Winehouse documentary would anger some, he told HuffPost Live on Friday.

"It's a really difficult situation to make a film about a real person and fit it all in to two hours," he told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "It's impossible to please everyone all of the time. I knew when I was making the film we were going to have an issue."

Kapadia's suspicions were warranted, as the late singer's father Mitch has spoken up in outrage towards the film, accusing the filmmaker of misrepresenting his views through deceptive editing. He's since announced plans to release his own documentary to "tell the truth about Amy's life."

"Obviously, he can do that," Kapadia said in response to Mitch Winehouse's plans. "He can do whatever he feels he needs to do, and if it just widens the debate and clarifies the issue, that's fine."

Winehouse's father is in the minority, however, as "99.9 percent" of the film's contributors -- Amy's friends, family and colleagues -- "have said the film is very honest," Kapadia affirmed.

"Amy comes out of it great," he continued. "Even if they're not comfortable with everything in the film or their own depiction in the film, it's honest."

Watch more from Asif Kapadia's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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