Amy Yasbeck On Husband John Ritter's Death: 'Initially, You're Absolutely Paralyzed' (VIDEO)

In her book "With Love And Laughter, John Ritter," actress Amy Yasbeck writes that, after her husband's sudden death from aortic dissection in September 2003, "The only way I could take a step or a breath, much less go about the business of living, was to cling to the closest recognizable feeling I could handle. At night, all hell would break loose inside my head. And my heart would break over and over and over. But in the morning, after the initial slap in the face that every new awakening would bring, I would drift into survival mode."

In this AOL video,Yasbeck discusses her late husband's legacy and how she's handled being a single mom. "Initially, as everybody knows who's ever lost a loved one, you're absolutely paralyzed," she says. "And I think the thing that gets you back into life and back into being yourself is creating and finding a community where you are accepted and you can be yourself and play."

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