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An Adventurer's Guide to Summer: Rest Stop Rescue

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Are we there yet? Almost....summer is just around the corner! And with summer comes all the joy, fun, adventures and headaches of entertaining the troops. One inevitable challenge (since the days of horse and buggies) are the four dreaded words...."ARE.WE.THERE.YET?" These sounds usually begin about the time the car creeps out of the driveway and continue until arrival or parental meltdown...whichever comes first.

There are a few little magic tricks up our sleeve for making your journey more peaceful and magical. One of the most potent is called Rest Stop Rescue. These are games and other 15 minute adventures that can break up a road trip and create a little magic along the way.

*Vending Machine Grab Bag
In this adventure, everyone in your group chooses a secret treat from the rest stop's vending machine. Each treat is placed inside a bag and each person draws out a treat. (Trading is allowed, and often makes things more interesting).

*Rest Stop Tour Guide
Each player chooses one tourist brochure from inside the rest stop. Take turns reading each brochure aloud or sharing highlights. (little people may need sobme help with this part). Vote on which attraction everyone would most like to visit. If time allows, add this destination as a stopover on your trip.

*Rest Stop RAK (Random Act of Kindness)
Tape coins to a vending machine, write a sweet message on the bathroom mirror or design a piece of art with sidewalk chalk to brighten other travelers' day. Bonus points for creating a RAK of your own....maybe it can be your family's signature and you can leave it at rest stops all around the country.

* Wiggle Bootcamp Obstacle Course
Create an obstacle course using trees, picnic tables, curbs, trash cans and other available resources

There are infinite varieties of ways to modify and personalize these activities. . All of these ideas are cheap or free and take less than 15 minutes. .These are great opportunities for some great action shots and are an important part of the memories you are making as a family. They may, in fact, be the glue that holds all the other memories together. Let the adventure begin!