An Amy Winehouse Hologram Is Going On Tour In 2019 And Some Fans Aren't Happy

The late "Rehab" singer's father said the hologram "would be a tremendous way" for Amy "to revisit her fans."

A hologram of the late singer Amy Winehouse will tour in 2019, and some of her fans are not pleased.

The bluesy British star died in 2011 at age 27, and a hologram of her has been rumored since 2014. This time, it seems, it’s actually happening.

Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, told Reuters he’s partnered with BASE Hologram to do the tour. “All of the money the family receives from the show will go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was established after her death to help young people suffering with substance abuse and other challenges,” he said.

Winehouse said his daughter’s fans have “been clamoring for something new from Amy, but really there isn’t anything new,” so he and the rest of her family “felt this would be a tremendous way for Amy both to revisit her fans through a hologram, and also an incredible way to raise money for our foundation.”

However, the news was not well received by some of her fans:

The Winehouse family embraced the hologram project after seeing BASE Hologram’s work with a Roy Orbison hologram. That hologram performed 15 dates in Europe and is currently on a U.S. tour of more than 20 cities.

BASE plans to hire an actress to mimic Amy Winehouse’s stage movements and “will complete the image with prosthetics and computer-generated imagery,” according Reuters.

The show will likely last “between 75 minutes and 110 minutes,” the news service reported.

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