An Antidote To Fake News

“Fake news”—false and deliberately misleading stories in the media—threatens freedom and democracy by distorting our understanding and decisions about vital issues. We can combat fake news by seeing for ourselves the true challenges facing society and by finding effective solutions. Through volunteering with nonprofits, we have an opportunity to bear witness, tell the story, and take action. Companies, schools, associations, and religious groups can play a powerful role in promoting freedom and democracy by encouraging and supporting volunteer service.

Moreover, by serving on nonprofit boards, people can deepen their understanding of social, economic, and environmental challenges; play a particularly valuable role in finding and advancing innovative solutions; and become compelling advocates. Nonprofit board members have the advantage of working with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to broaden their awareness of barriers and remedies in providing education and healthcare, driving job training and employment, promoting equal justice, and addressing climate change.

Through volunteer and leadership service, we can combat fake news by learning and promulgating meaningful insights about real problems facing our communities. This is how we will help build a more just, peaceful, responsible, and prosperous world for all.

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