An Apology to Glenn Beck

An Apology to Glenn Beck
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Earlier today I posted something on Huffington Post that was taken down by the staff there. I can accept and respect their reasons for doing that.

The post was called "$100,000 For Glenn Beck's Sex Tape." It was supposed to simply make the point that the right does not hesitate to play rough with the left, and the right is far better financed. It was glib, but finally off-kilter and misdirected.

I was actually trying to mimic what I saw as the way right wingers go about these matters, and by misapprehending the way they do things, I went too far. (I offered to broker a deal for anyone who had damaging media pertaining to Glenn Beck.)

First, I owe Glenn Beck an apology. I crossed the line. On the off chance something comes in over the transom...scratch that; I'll delete the email account. Problem solved.

I meant to tilt at a windmill in the post, and I planted my lance in the dirt.

A friend commented:

The people on the left who parrot and jerk their knees are just as much an obstacle to an outcome that benefits the maximum number of people as the "sheepies" are.

Well said, Struan. For me, it is back to the drawing board.

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