An Apology to Undocumented Immigrants

I'm sorry for waiting so long to speak up for you.

Yes, you, that father of 5 that left his wife and children in search of money and opportunities. You, that young girl that was running from violence and abuse in your country of birth. You, that single mother that left her children with family in order to provide for them. You, that child that was brought here undocumented by your parents in the hopes of having a better life.

I'm sorry for not standing up for you when I have seen, heard or read discriminatory comments about you.

I'm sorry for not appreciating everything you do for this country.

I'm sorry that we are incapable of feeling empathy.

I'm sorry that we take advantage of your presence in this country, but turn around and call you "illegals" when in actuality no human being is illegal.

I'm sorry that our arrogance and selfishness have dehumanized you, which has allowed us to treat you with such hate and insensitivity.

I'm sorry that we feel that it's okay to use you to cut our grass, build our homes, cook our food, clean our homes, raise our children and pick our food, but at the same time hate you, abuse you and insult you.

I'm sorry that you will miss your daughter's wedding, your son's graduation, your grandchild's first words and many more special occasions.

I'm sorry that you probably won't see your parents again, help them in their old age or hold their hands as they take their last breath.

I'm sorry that you had to leave your country, your family and your world in order to be able to support your loved ones, only to find yourself the target of hate.

I'm sorry that we feel entitled because we were blessed and lucky to be born in the U.S.A. and have not had to see our children literally die in our arms because we were not able to feed them or have our children sent into prostitution or into gangs.

I'm sorry that we don't understand that you don't want to be here undocumented, but after years and thousands of dollars applying for a visa go by, you decided to risk your life and freedom by coming here undocumented in order to save your family.

I'm sorry that we are willing to amend The Constitution of The United States just to be able to deport you even though our economy needs you.

I'm sorry that we have made an enemy out of you when in actuality you are our ally.

I'm sorry that we would rather be a democrat, republican, conservative or liberal instead of being a humanitarian.

But above all, I am sorry that so many people will never know just how kind, caring and amazing you are. They will never know how thankful you are for the opportunity to have a better life and that you love this country just as much as they do or maybe even more.

I will no longer be quiet. I will stand up for you. I will fight for you. I am proud to share your spirit and determination.

Keep on doing what you do and know that I, and many more, have your back.