An App a Day: 7 Business Apps That Ease Operations


"Burnout, financial difficulties, employee turnover, government regulations and competition," are top reasons why business owners can lead stress filled lives, according to the Houston Chronicle. The good news is that there is an App for that. Okay, maybe there isn't exactly an app for government regulations or stress management per se, but there are many useful applications that can improve the lives of those tasked with managing a small business.

Apps can help business owners efficiently manage finances, conduct meetings and even close deals. Diagnosed with business management? Here are the top tech remedies.

1/ Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers is a free App that is available with just the click of a button. It is available for the Ipad, Iphone, Windows Phone or Android. Its robust features include the ability to create, view, print or edit office documents. Whether creating a new word document on the go to outline policies for employees, or organizing a presentation for potential customers, it is readily available for all devices.

2/ Google Apps is used by over 5 million companies. Top brands like Whirlpool use Google Apps, which includes Google Docs, Google Drive and many others. It is most often used to communicate and document. Business owners can expect simplified sharing, collaboration, storing and dissemination.

3/ Asana is a "web and mobile application designed to enable teamwork without email," according to Wikipedia. This App allows organizations to create tasks, organize priorities, converse and communicate beyond email limitations. With modest pricing there is no wonder why it clicks with top brands like Uber, Pinetrest, Dropbox and Foursquare.

4/ CamScanner is another practical office tool. It eliminates the need for a physical scanner. Users can take a photo of images and send with one stress-free click. It also includes various options for annotating and storing. This is advantageous for busy executives who need to close deals promptly.

5/ Docusign manages electronic contracts and signatures. It is a highly efficient sales tool for organizations who rely on secure signatures. It has over 20 million users, and endorsement from top brands like Yahoo and American Airlines. Best of all, it helps to save the planet by eliminating the need for paper.

6/ If restaurant management is on the menu, OpenTable offers a convenient solution. It allows guests to book reservations for dinner utilizing Facebook, Twitter or the company's website. These bookings are immediately available for internal viewing. With added email marketing capabilities and online reviews, it is a five star technological amenity.

7/ MeTavis Technologies offers various applications that support SharePoint. Larger organizations who are considering taking a deeper dive into SharePoint's capabilities can sit back and relax. Their products are easy to install, intuitive and build for enterprise solutions, minus the enterprise cost. They solve issues related to information architecture, unstructured content transformation, administration, analytics, security, content backup and protection.

If these suggested apps do not improve business vitals then a game of Words with Friends may serve as a brief stress relief. Download relaxation and expect results.