An Easter Prayer

Dear Lord,

I kneel in a moment of reverent silence seeking words, finding none to express the wonderment my soul experiences in the face of such unfathomable love.

How does one approach you in this season when we commemorate your suffering service to a lost and dying world?

No matter how opulent my expression of praise may be, it cannot convey the enormity of my appreciation.

It is with great introspection that I recognize my wretchedness was the catalyst through which your righteousness was offered up - my sacrificial lamb in bloody recompense for justice sentence on my soul.

How could you forsake the sanctity of the celestial, the trajectory of the triumphant, and the magnificence of heavenly mansions only to immerse yourself into our injurious sinful and chaotic world?

Your all-encompassing love enabled you to give the ultimate sacrifice for we who are the consummate failures. Not one continent escaped sin, a fallen and depraved humanity lost and without hope in this present world and yet you redeemed the rejected, restored the wayward, procured the pathetic and empowered the incompetent.

Yes, with every pulsating laceration cutting deeper into your spotless flesh, your precious blood made streams in my desert places, pouring from your body washing down into my sins like mudslides into the ocean of your grace. It was you that submerged me into the sea of your love.

My praise goes ever upward like bubbles dancing in the air.

Your timing was so impeccable that before hell could announce its victory, you arose with the stealth of a lion, snatching the sting from death and yanking the victory from the grave.

Early before daybreak you arose, folding your grave clothes, rolling back stones and with the gallantry of the prince you are; you were seen strolling through the garden in time for a Sunday morning stroll.

That is why this day and every day we cast our crowns before you and give all glory to you. You are the Christ, the hero of all who have ever fallen in the battle to sin.

You are the CEO of Heaven, the Master of the Universe and the Redeemer of the Soul. Receive this humble praise as a deposit on a debt I could never repay.

Your Majesty the Great, my King the Chief Potentate of Heaven, Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever, Amen.

Bishop T.D. Jakes, author of "Let it Go" a best selling book on forgiveness.

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