An Electors' Resolution to Trump


In light of the detailed account of Russian intervention in the election in the New York Times and the report from NBC that US Intelligence has concluded with "a high level of confidence" that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved, it is imperative that the Electors have access to more information about Donald Trump's relationship with Mr. Putin and Russian oligarchs before they vote on Monday. One of the essential pieces of information in this regard is Mr. Trump's tax returns, along with other financial records that would allow them (and the American public) to see what entanglements he has with Russia.

The following is a draft of a resolution/petition that should be circulated to all Electors for their consideration and action:


The apparently strong evidence, detailed in the New York Times that Russia intervened in the US presidential election in order to assist the campaign of Donald Trump and that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved, combined with Mr. Trump's out-of-hand dismissal of that evidence (which almost everyone else, including leading Republicans, accepts as compelling), his choice of people with close ties to Russian leader Vladimir Putin (e.g., Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser and Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State) and Mr. Trump's consistent praise for Mr. Putin, raise very serious questions in the minds of American patriots about the possible degree of influence Mr. Putin and his government would have over a Trump Administration.

Therefore, we the undersigned Electors, insist that Donald Trump immediately release all of his tax returns and other relevant financial documents that would reveal the extent of his ties to Moscow.

We further call for a CIA briefing of all Electors on the findings on Russian infiltration of the election.

Both of these things must take place prior to Electors voting. If that circumstance requires a brief postponement of the Electors' vote, that is a minor inconvenience in comparison to the existential danger of someone beholden to an unfriendly foreign power becoming President of the United States.

If Mr. Trump has nothing to hide, he will agree to provide reassurance to the American people through the same sort of disclosure that past presidential candidates have done for decades.

If Mr. Trump yet again refuses to let the American people know what his foreign entanglements are, we will have no choice but to conclude, however reluctantly, that the other strong appearances of his favoritism for Vladimir Putin and Russia are accurate.

In the latter case, it would be irresponsible for us, as patriotic Americans, to vote to make him President and we shall meet to work out a compromise ticket and Government of National Unity to be elected in his stead and for the public interest and the nation's security .