An Electrifying Valentine for Aquarius

Valentine's Day, located in the midst of Aquarius' sign, is a celebration of courtly and romantic love. An odd combo for the most unique and unconventional sign. Here are some tips from the stars to stimulate your creativity when wooing or pleasing an Aquarian.

Hint: a box of chocolates is not the best gift idea.

Does Lightning Strike?
How well do you know Aquarius?

1. You can expect an Aquarian lover to value most

a. consistency
b. emotions
c. friendship
d. intellect

2. Aquarius' element is
a. fire
b. water
c. air
d. earth

3. An unlikely but nonetheless potent erogenous zone for Aquarius is
a. the upper lip
b. behind the knee
c. the toes
d. the ankles

4. The strongest turn off for Aquarius is
a. conventionality
b. superficiality
c. possessiveness
d. being erratic

5. The color most pleasing to Aquarius is?
a. electric blue
b. neon pink
c. hot orange
d. bright white


6. Stranded on a desert island your Aquarian would?
a. invent an SOS signal
b. wait until inspiration strikes
c. scout for friendly natives
d. all of the above

7. The image for Aquarius is a youth pouring what looks like water from a vessel. Is Aquarius a feminine sign? And is the youth pouring water?


8. Aquarius is more likely than other signs to
a. stick to one partner for life
b. date many and then become monogamous
c. have friends with benefits
d. be asexual

9. To attract an Aquarian the best fashion would be
a. underplayed sophisticated
b. totally flamboyant
c. funky gothic
d. eccentric

10. If you are pursuing an Aquarian your best lure is
a. sweet love messages
b. a home cooked meal
c. doing favors for him/her
d. play it cool

Answers: 1-c, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a, 5-a ,6-d, 7-NO, 8-c, 9-d, 10-d