An Endorsement From de Blasio Is the Equivalent of Skunk Spray in an Elevator

As I read Fredric U. Dicker's column this morning in the New York Post, titled "Cuomo could get de Blasted in '18" I almost spit out my Diet Coke with spontaneous laughter when I saw how he proposed that might occur.

Bill de Blasio wants to try to take down Governor Cuomo by running another candidate against him whom he would endorse? How delusional is this man?

If I had aspirations to run for our next Governor of New York, as Dicker suggests Attorney General Schneiderman does, which is highly probable; I would have my campaign strategists place a "cease and desist" order on de Blasio from endorsing me or even using my name in the same sentence as his.

Quite frankly, I am flabbergasted that de Blasio is delusional enough to start fund raising now (to dismal success) for reelection. Mr. Mayor, with all due respect, you need to actually accomplish something in your first term, and get the people to view you as a leader before you start aiming for the brass ring again. Your time is running out to actually make any kind of an impact... and we don't find using your mayoral time to fund raise, relentlessly chase press, and strategize all day long about how you're going to take down your opponent very amusing.

Do you realize how much could get accomplished if these politicians spent more time actually working for the people, and less time trying to take each other down, plant "blind source" items, and go dirty dancing for donor dollars all day long?

It's not about the people, it is about their own advancement, and we are tired of it.

Enough already, gentlemen.

Do your jobs and stop with the pandering and games; that is not what we elected you to do.

I could go on and on about promises made, and accomplishments not, by Mr. de Blasio, but we all already know those things. From carriage horses, to crime rates, to homeless issues, to waking up on time...I can go on and on. The mayor may be many things, but respectfully, Mr. Dicker, I think we all can agree with simple poll numbers, "King maker" de Blasio is not.

"King killer" especially when you are talking about Governor Cuomo, is essentially a suicide mission.

It's pretty hard to "kill a king" if the king has been up and productive hours before you because the snooze button just feels so right. I have found that even progressives, in general, don't care much for de Blasio because he is the epitome of all talk and a lazy left. Quite frankly, he makes us look bad.

So as far as "endorsements" go, deBlasio should probably be more concerned with who is going to endorse him. I am guessing that those endorsements will be few and far between.

I would also focus less on jumping in front of cameras, world traveling, trying to fundraise for reelection, and come up with ways to try to "get the other guy" for now. This is New York...the people aren't interested in your "Mean Girls" efforts. We have a few major problems here that need fixing. Get to work.

One last thing, Mayor Bill: I think that you're a really swell guy. I genuinely mean that; just not very effective or suited for the job of running our great city. I appreciate the effort, I keep hoping that you will prove me wrong. I find you affable and charming, but you are out of your league, and if you decide to try to take out Cuomo, no matter who your "allies" are, (who are out for themselves, not to help you, ) you will lose. You are throwing cotton balls at a tank, who is actually accomplishing something. Good luck with that.

My advice to Mr. Schneiderman and any other "hopefuls" out there raising money right now and vying for Governor Cuomo's job in 2018, is to distance yourself as far from de Blasio as possible...he is the political equivalent of skunk spray in an elevator...and nobody likes that.

If you do decide to go with it, the least I can do is offer you this awesome rally chant, although there won't be many people there: "I am lazy, this guy is too! I am lazy, how' bout you?!"

A strategist would've just billed you a thousand dollars for that gem. I'll give it to you for free.
You're welcome.