An Epic Poem About the Internet (Emblem, Part 1)

An Epic Poem About the Internet (Emblem, Part 1)
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Wake up! Wake up, what a glorious chime!
Illuminates brightness, well look at the time!
It's time for the birds; let their spectacles dwindle
You squint behind spectacles, peer through the window
Observing the gentlemen briefing their business
Then scattering portraits, them sipping on Guinness
Of jesters performing for nods of approval
Can yap all they want without fearing removal
For you see a castle, a court in a blanket
Come closer together, we're all at the banquet.

Anonymous fellows that hid behind brothers
Would scratch at their skin wanting that of another's
And timid they quivered, unrightfully so
A brother's a brother as all you should know!

A cubical complex can kindle the flame
A library, bedroom. domain is the name!
So Resident One, you are given a number
Your hand shields your candle, your arm holds your brother.

But, oh! I digress
Yes, return to the scene.
You stare out your windowpane
Shiny and clean.
And outward you long for that meadow, that prairie
Composed of mere pixels your sight can't convey
A sky of blue pearls and a grass bed of jade
These units acute it is all in the setting
But you will miss out if your feet just start treading.

Our subject is calm, he could never be tamer!
But even this beauty still needs his disclaimer

"For as I am sure of the cells in my being
I assure you that you are all really worth seeing!
I tell you, however, if you let me settle
My joints will start aching; my bones will go brittle.

You'll suck the sweet marrow right out of my bones.
I cannot survive on your cookies alone.
I know you can hear me, I'm calling you all
I am out of the uterus, learning to crawl."

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