An Etiquette Guide to College Admissions News

Good for him!I bet he can't wait!Smart choice.
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Batten down the hatches, moms of high school seniors! Here come the legions of bragging parents, dying to tell you all about their college acceptances. (Yes, it's actually their children who have been accepted to college, but we all know who wrote that essay, so let's not get too technical about it.)

Don't get caught off-guard and blurt out an embarrassing faux pas like,"How the %^&* did he get in THERE?!" Study this handy guide to college acceptance etiquette and be prepared to react appropriately yet honestly in every situation.

Good for him! Jock scholarship

I bet he can't wait! Party school

Smart choice. Community college

Beautiful! Beauty school

They say computers are the future. Online school

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about this! Tech school

Good on him! Religious school

Nothing wrong with that! State school

That's amazing! Ivy league school

I'm sure she'll be very comfortable there. Private school

She's so lucky! School that rejected your equally qualified kid

Do you have family there? School you've never heard of

What an adventure! Taking a year off to find herself

Congratulations! Everyone else. Extra credit if you look like you mean it.

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