An Evolution to a Revolution

In your journey to get where you are going, never forget to be right where you are.

We are all on a journey, a journey through life.

Our theme this year at TGS is Evolution to Revolution.

We want our children to learn where we came from, how we got to where we are, and more importantly, who it was that had the ideas, the courage and the determination to change their own world and therewith, ours.

We want them to learn where we are going, so that we may give them a platform to formulate their own ideas, gather their own courage, and find their own determination to push the boundaries of their world and change it.

My wonderful, courageous young explorers ... Everything in life changes, always, minute, by minute, second by second. We are all on a journey, seeking the knowledge that will help us to arrive at the ultimate goals of happiness and peace of mind.

In learning where we came from and where we are going, we learn to care. As children, our circle of caring is small, but it expands as we grow and become more aware of the world around us. As that awareness becomes more focused, we find things that touch us; things that incite passion and which we care deeply about. We fill as many minutes and seconds as we can with the information we care about, and if we care about it enough, we find out that we want to push it to its boundaries, to come up with a new way of doing, of thinking... we want to revolutionize it. It can be as simple as discovering a new way of growing a plant to finding a cure for cancer.

We have mini-insights all of the time while we are learning, and as long as we keep an open mind, inspiration can happen. The coin drops, the switch flips on, the moment of discovery -- one of those aha moments. But how? When do they happen? Think about it ...

These moments of sudden recognition happen at the most unexpected times. A lot of the time while in the moment you are NOT thinking, you are feeling.

So maybe one of the biggest lessons we need to start learning is to just empty our minds and appreciate the moment. Learn about being right where you are, right now, in the silence, in all of the beauty that life itself is, that you yourselves are.

Because armed with knowledge, it is only in those moments of absolute silence that love, humility and clarity come and a true revolution takes place. That is where genius exists.

Kids, you all have your own genius, your own gift to the world. And in your silence you have the opportunity to recognize it, and how you can use it to change the world.

The beginning of your journey was not yesterday; it is right now. It is within the quiet of your mind that true learning takes place.

It is the evolution of a new revolution. To truly and deeply care.