An Exclusive Interview With La La Anthony, Fat Joe and Market America

An Exclusive Interview With La La Anthony, Fat Joe and Market America
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In an article entitled, "Small Business Is Big Business," published by the American business magazine giant, Forbes, it stated, "Micro businesses in the United States represent an important economic segment and will be an important factor in our economy." Although the editorial written in 2012 focused on the five major challenges small businesses faced in order to flourish and survive, the opening state regarding micro companies playing a huge future role in fueling the economy has proven to be true currently.

Because micro businesses serve as the fuel to the keep the economy running, it is important for the business professionals and retailers to refuel themselves with new information in order to drive their business to success. This past week on February 4-6, 2016 more than 25,000 business leaders filled the seats at the Market America 2016 World Conference, a three-day event, which was designed to help business owners get a grasp on how to strategically improve their business by using Market America's tools, such as utilizing the products Market America's SHOP.COM has to offer.

Market America/ is an Internet marketing and product brokerage company that utilizes social media platforms and one-to-one marketing to distribute a variety of products in several countries. The company was founded in 1992 by JR, and now serves more than 3 million customers and has over 180,000 Shop Consultants worldwide.

As you begin to educate yourself about Market America, I wanted to give you an inclusive insight about the business and how it can help improve your empire by exploring the mind of Loren Ridinger, Executive Senior Vice President of Market America. Supporters of Market America, Fat Joe and La La Anthony, also chimed in to raise awareness about the benefit of Market America's product as it relates to entrepreneurs.

Meet Executive Senior Vice President Loren Ridinger


Full of zest and enthusiasm this was by far one of the most exciting interviews I have ever done, maybe it was the sweet smell of success coming from her mission and message. Loren was also featured in Daymond John's latest NY Times bestseller, "The Power of Broke." She is a true wealth builder and she is sharing her secrets with the world.

Lucinda: In what ways are Market America different than other businesses?

Loren: We work with more small business owners, and entrepreneurs who are start ups and hobbyists who don't know how to turn their passion into profit. Turning your local waitress to a six figure earner and helping those say farewell to welfare. We have over 400 millionaires in Market America and

Lucinda: In Daymond John's new NY Times bestseller, "The Power of Broke," you share your experiences and advice to those wanting to achieve more in their lives.
Loren: I started from nothing. I share how I went from having nothing 25yrs ago to a total life change. My mindset was focused on one thing, instead of making excuses of why "it wasn't going to work" to "this has to work". Daymond John is my good friend and we both started from humble beginnings. My chapter in the book is about "not quitting." I share my tips on doing the hardest thing first in the morning to get them out of the way, then I decide what actions I can take daily to achieve success.

Lucinda: What would you say is the most important piece of advice you can give someone looking to accomplish more?
Loren: Never quit! So many people are on the brink of success but they are hitting failure and when you hit failure you are bound to succeed. People throw in the towel right when they are getting ready to hit success. People should instead grab a rope and hang it somewhere and tie a knot and hold on because success is just around the corner. It is so easy to succeed it's just that people don't even try.

Interview with Fat Joe. He Supports Market America by Increasing Awareness


Multi-platinum artist Joseph "Fat Joe" Cartagena was one of a handful of celebrities speaking at Market America's 2016 World Conference. When I interview him, Fat Joe shared his love for the 7 billion dollar company and his mission to educate the minority community on this opportunity. After recognizing that out of 180,000 successful entrepreneurs 1% of the minorities took advantage of Market America. Fat Joe connected with co-founder JR to get mentored on the system to personally increase the Market America opportunity in the minority communities.

"Minorities have been hustling backwards from check to check," stated Fat Joe. After he educated himself on the system, Fat Joe started to share his knowledge with other ambitious entrepreneurs to make a six- figure income in 2 to 3 years. He explained, "Everybody has challenges an since the no real job security." Everybody is looking for security and Market America and is actually the plan. There's a lot of great entrepreneurs with no system. This is a system that works."

Interview with La La Anthony. Stats That Market America Will Help You Be Your Own Boss


According to La La Anthony, the great thing about Market America's platform and World Conference are that they serve as a learning tool for entrepreneurs to understand how to grow your business and be your own boss. La La mentioned that one of her favorite learning tools that was shared at the conference is the power of social media and the effective ways to use it to grow your business as well as connect with your audience. "It's important to for me to know who I'm talking to, who's really listening and who is purchasing the things I put out," Anthony explained .

Curious about women in the market place and Market America, I asked, "How are they holding their own?" La La answered, "I feel like women are standing out in the market place and running these corporations. We are at the board meetings, we are operating successful businesses and raising our families. It's all about being educated. Be well-versed and educated in your message and your brand."

If you've missed this past weekend conference loaded with millionaire mindsets, don't miss the next opportunity to be one of the 400 plus millionaires birthed out of Ambition, Drive and Never Giving Up.

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