An Exclusive Look at MAD Magazine's Worst of 2008 List

In an effort to appeal to a crowd other than the snot-nosed, obnoxious thirteen year old market, the usual gang of idiots at MAD Magazine have been on the nose this election season with biting political commentary. (You can see the previous Huffington Post exclusives of that commentary here and here.) But now that the election is over and all of the other more reputable magazines are having a stab at their 10, 20, 50, 100 or 1000 best and worst of 2008 lists, MAD just had to follow suit. So they decided to come up with a list of the worst people, places, and things of 2008.

The difference between MAD and all the other magazines? MAD doesn't play by rules of maturity. So it is without maturity that I am proud to unveil exclusively for Huffington Post readers item #6 on their worst of 2008 list: Hillary Clinton's Campaign for the White House.


The issue with the full list is on stands December 16th, but be sure to check back next week. Those suckers at MAD told me that they'd let me unveil the absolute dumbest person, place or thing from 2008. I have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with politics and will please the readers of Huffington Post greatly...

So, until then: What me worry?

(Bryan Young is the producer of Killer at Large and writes about really geeky stuff at Big Shiny Robot!)