An Iconic Resort:What Becomes A Legend Most?

What made it legendary were the legends who came

On the outskirts of Palm Springs, a favorite hideaway of the stars, is the peaceful, tranquil retreat La Quinta Resort and Club. Capturing the essence of hacienda-style and celebrating it’s 90th anniversary in 2016, the setting is still idyllic. With the dramatic mountains and manicured grounds, guests are greeted with a colorful palette of florals, fragrant citrus trees and desert plantings. Not only is it a remote retreat from the hustle of Hollywood hype, but also a golfers paradise. The resort boasts close proximity to five award-winning golf courses (on and off property) designed by golfing legends, such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tom Fazio, to name a few. (rated #1 golf resort in the nation) (Great for tennis and fitness buffs, too)

Hollywood honchos, celebs and sports figures all hobnobbed in this somewhat remote setting, for “La Quinta’s scenic mountainside golf courses and the resort-owned, famed courses of PGA WEST”.

Several presidents have also checked into the hotel over the years, including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Calvin Coolidge. The who’s who list of celebs are too numerous to name, but suffice it to say that even Michael Jackson had his fav the Hacienda Grande. It is only a step down from the Presidential suite where many other living and long gone legends have taken up residence for their respite in the desert. The resort has hosted some screenwriters, such as Frank Capra who wrote It’s A Wonderful Life while staying at the resort. He returned to pen some other award winning screenplays. It is the best kept secret hideaway to remain anonymous for International dignitaries, artists, politicians, business moguls and renowned athletes

This historic property, is the longest running hit in the desert, and the resort has been upgraded to distinction as a member of the Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts with a multimillion dollar restoration in 2014. While it still manages to retain it’s storied history, the vibrancy is still repeat with the lush landscape, colorful floral palette, profuse fountains and dramatic mountains hovering in the backdrop. The architecture has evolved from a ‘simple country house, villa’ into one of the most celebrated examples of an architect’s dream: To build a tranquil retreat capturing the essence of hacienda-style living.One can still feel the essence of old world charm, while being subtly upgraded to meet the demands of the twenty first century with flat screens and wireless connections in the casitas. This first class resort property still retains its refined casual elegance the appeals to those who appreciate the simple, understated timeless beauty.

The idyllic enclave of La Quinta Resort & Club, has long been one of the best-kept secrets of Hollywood stars seeking an opportunity to step out of the limelight for a few days and into a welcoming atmosphere of peaceful relaxation. Los Angeles Times

It also has the importance of only two resorts in the country for which a city has been named. This iconic refuge housed not only celebrities, athletes and the political elite, but also business leaders and families, since 1926. It takes a tall order to be able to maintain the highest standards for almost a century.

What makes this haven of tranquility so popular is that it has not succumbed to the flash and slickness that has become the norm in most popular resorts. If you want to retreat and indulge in the expansive spa, you can get lost in one of the 41 swimming pools and 45 acres!Perhaps the most appealing spot for the city slicker is to indulge in the health and fitness offering. The spa menu has enough offerings from the leading edge skin, body and wellness rituals to insure that you are refreshed and recharged. Sampling the buffet of treatments paired with the healthy gourmet cuisine can satisfy even the most sophisticated Spa-Aholic. Perhaps the best part is the refreshing pools like the one below, a lap-swimmer’s paradise!

Perhaps the most idyllic setting is hanging outside at the Sanctuary Courtyard, sitting on the edge, around the grand Euro-Classic Style outdoor wading fountain. Dipping your feet into the cool water while awaiting your treatment during the heat of the day. Guests are immediately relaxed, enjoying the cooling mist system, with the bucolic setting. In the winter months the outdoor fireplace is the hot spot. You may need to ‘book’ a seat before the resident feline finds her spot, lounging in the mid-day sun.

The 23,000 square foot Spa La Quinta is evokes a sense of serenity and intimacy, with 38 treatment rooms, including indoor and outdoor massage spa menu is replete with a list of traditional favorites plus trending evidence based wellness offerings. The Himalayan Salt Stone Ritual includes an 80 minute full body Himalayan salt stone massage. Rubbing these hot healing stones first across your back and body, ou can feel your stress and tension disappear with the toxins. The sensitive and gifted therapists are highly trained in the art and science of touch and healing. Himalayan Salt has been found to promote healthy blood sugar, improves digestion, and supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses. Most importantly, with any of the treatments. having a skilled practitioner is the the key. You can rest assured that this resort has the most healing and experienced staff. If you’re into a total rejuvenation and indulgence try the Zen Ritual for 120 minutes. You will be zoned out into blissful serenity. This is very important, and can make or break your spa experience. There are all kinds of beauty rituals, and facials using the finest products, including age defying treatments and the finest quality Babor products.

The fitness center is the hot spot for classes, the latest cardio equipment, weights and activities. Yoga enthusiasts enjoy indoor and outdoor locations with highly knowledgeable instructors. There’s even a private Spa Garden Meditation session with wellness expert, Dr. Eden Goldman. This has become a favorite for over worked, burned out corporate leaders, athletes and celebrities seeking to discover the hidden doorway into their inner landscape.

Luxe Lounging best describes the main spa ‘activity’, with so many spots to relax. Selecting a healthy snack is the tall order of the day, from the inventive menus from the on-property restaurants. But dining at the multitude of gourmet and casual offerings on property is not to be missed. With the recent upgrades, the signature dining venue, Morgans reigns the top winner for locally grown and sourced and crafted delicacies using tradition cooking methods and healthy alternatives for the discerning wellness buff.

There are several other places to hang out, satiate even the most discerning palate and the most fun is the outdoor upper level plaza at the Adobe Grill which features a romantic setting and award winning fresh Mexican fare. The twinkly lights and fire pits on the patio deck are a favorite spot for romantic cocktails, live music with the sound of oldies’ but goodies to dance the night away. It’s the perfect spot to try out some of their signature cocktails, especially for movie buffs,.

The George Bailey (Referencing Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life’) Bailey’s Original, St. Elizabeth Allspice Liqueur, White Crème de Cacao, Torani Gingerbread Syrup. Note-you can try this at home, but it will never taste the same because of the intoxicating setting guaranteed to awaken your romantic side.

This is one of the most idyllic places to escape from the daily onslaught of stress, unplug, and detox from all the news and demands of the day, and just relax and rejuvenate. Even the piped in music has subtle tones of Sinatra, a reminder of an era where things just seemed to be more simple and laid back. Experiencing a resort like this, with state of the art upgrades, yet still maintaining it’s storied history, is the best choice when choosing an overall luxury enclave and serene desert resort.

The key element that makes this historic legendary property 5 Stars is a step beyond the amenities, accommodations, fragrant flowers, manicured landscape and great gourmet fresh fare. It is the attentive and service from well-trained staff, who have a ‘hospitality personality’ and provide the most gracious service. “That's important, but so are natural kindness, graciousness, humor, and joie de vivre. A person who quietly makes guests feel comfortable and important.” When you know that the service people are truly happy doing their jobs (some for a decade or more) there’s something in the air that says, “this is a very special place to work, and even more special to be treated like an honored guest’.
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