An impressive debut for an up-and-coming artist

An impressive debut for an up-and-coming artist
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In the fiercely competitive art scene, the challenge for an artist to display their work and distinguish it from others gets increasingly difficult. So when that aim is eventually achieved, it is followed with a desire to produce and stand out even more. For one of the many artists, this journey began a few weeks ago.
Earlier this month, the C. John Gallery, located in London's renowned Mayfair, presented the first solo art exhibition of Antinea Boletsi, a talented artist and graduate of Hartford Art School at The University of Hartford, CT, USA , having obtained a Fine Arts Degree there in 2006.
As Katerina Kritikou, an Athens-based art historian, put it, 'Antinea's work focuses primarily on landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Her love of nature is clearly evident in her landscapes. Her work in general demonstrates the expressiveness and simplicity of her art. Antinea's art hides an oxymoron. Her artistic insight is contemporary. However, the style of her brushstrokes is classical and impressionistic. Her eye for detail is and remains exemplary.'


Katerina continues, 'Antinea's world is simple, ordinary. Her artistic view is contemporary and incisive, in constant search of the essential with a sense of nostalgia for the past. Her paintings follow the rules of figurative art. They showcase beauty, with the naivety and the intact talent of a child, but also with the sharp eye of a passionate observer.'
The opening of the exhibition itself was an extremely successful event with a great turnout of over 200 people of differing backgrounds.


For Antinea, having her work displayed at the established C. John Gallery was all the more rewarding. For over eighty-years, it has represented the most refined qualities of art in the living environment. Nowadays, it is world's leader in antique rugs and remains the only fine carpet gallery in the world to hold the Royal Warrant as supplier of carpets to Queen Elizabeth II. Additionally, C. John is also a member of the British Antique Dealers Association.


With an esteemed international client base and having recently collaborated with the boutique art advisory business Martix, C. John is successfully adapting to the ever-changing market by combining contemporary and antique art in a sophisticated environment.
For Antinea, her exhibition marks her first, official and long overdue step into the art world. There is no doubt in my mind that she has plenty to offer. Her many artistic qualities are reflected in her work and she is always striving to improve. I am fortunate to have had my own portrait done by her, so I am well placed to say that her creativity and painting skills are evident.
The exhibition will run until January 6th 2017. For all art lovers who happen to reside in London and for those visiting before then, I encourage you to go and see for yourself the work of this special, unique and aspiring artist.

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