An Inconvenient Truth

VANDALIA, OH - SEPTEMBER 25:  Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) and his run
VANDALIA, OH - SEPTEMBER 25: Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) and his running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (L), share a moment during a campaign rally September 25, 2012 at Dayton International Airport in Vandalia, Ohio. Romney and Ryan continued to campaign for the upcoming presidential election. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Truth is the one word that seems to have lost its meaning for two candidates vying to become president and vice president of our nation.

For the past three months, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have continued to travel down their road of treachery and deception with total disregard for the well-being of the American people. Their complete denial of the facts is, at some level, commendable considering they're getting away with misleading half of the electorate. Their campaign theme is Believe in America, which presents quite the contrast to their actual policies. On one hand, you have Governor Mitt Romney, who has become the ultimate contortionist on every major issue ranging from abortion to illegal immigration. His uncanny performance against the truth has to go down in the annals of presidential election history.

Romney should hold a debate with himself to decipher where he stands on the serious issues that plague our country. He forgets that there are 20 years of quality footage on YouTube and various political network channels detailing his compromising positions. It has been troubling to watch his campaign gain steam from filling up on lies. His running mate, Paul Ryan has followed in his footsteps and been a good soldier in holding up the banner for falsehoods. He has an elongated Congressional voting record that's impossible to run away from, but, yet he is running away from it like Usain Bolt. On the campaign trail, they've been promoting political propaganda to their advantage. It is easy to point the finger and blame the political party in power when you don't have any tangible, concrete plans to move the country forward in the next four years.

The truth has been conveniently missing.

Political history has revealed numerous politicians who have bent the truth on occasion, but not to this unconscionable extreme. To witness a candidate go relativity unscathed despite bringing to light his contradictions has been problematic to say the least. What does it say about voters? Is it possible that citizens have become so disenchanted with our body politic that they'll accept below the status quo as their Commander-in-Chief? After leaving his post as Governor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Romney destroyed or hid every document pertaining to his administration. He said to let Detroit go bankrupt when President Obama bailed out the auto industry. When pressed on the topic, he told the media he never said it. Paul Ryan has continuously lied about his infamous budget plan, receiving stimulus for his district and Medicare. Romney and Ryan have turned the absolutely absurd into political gold without flinching.

The Republican Party is so desperate to reclaim the White House that they're allowing their candidates to say and do whatever they need to do to win. Our political process has become an incredulous spectacle for the world to view. At the first debate, Romney rambled and taradiddled with reckless abandon and he succeeded in turning the tables on the election. The latest polls have him in an almost dead heat with President Obama. The fact checking began the moment after Jim Lehrer told everyone goodnight, but it has done nothing to curtail the momentum Romney gained from spewing untruths for an hour and a half. He has stated he will create twelve million jobs over the next four years without giving the American people an inkling to how he is going to do it.

The truth is Romney wants the title of president without doing the actual work. The truth is Ryan isn't a plausible candidate to be a heartbeat away from the highest office in the land. The truth is Romney won't reveal his tax returns to the populace because he believes we're beneath him. The truth is Romney and Ryan will turn the clock back to the darkest days of our country from a policy and cultural standpoint. The truth is Romney and Ryan will work hard every day for the top one percent of the country and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves. The truth is Romney and Ryan are unfit to be the leaders of this great nation.

This level of mendacity and incompetence couldn't be what our forefathers envisioned when they constructed the founding documents that would help govern our sovereign nation. It is imperative that every citizen becomes more engaged in this election cycle. The next president of United States will be in the position to uphold legislation that previous generations worked so vigorously to obtain or undo it with a simple stroke of a pen. There is a clear distinction between the platforms of Governor Romney and President Obama. Nineteen days remain until Election Day. The choice is yours.

In the words of former English Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, "Truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but, in the end, there it is."