An Interview With A Suicide Bomber

What makes one a suicide bomber? Much has been written about it; and researchers continue to offer plausible theories and explanations. Religion is often used as a tool by terrorist organizations in recruiting and in seeking aid from abroad, but is not always the root cause.

It has been suggested that the widespread understanding of suicide bombers as insane or religious fanatics is incorrect. Studies have shown individual bombers are of sound mind, and their actions are motivated by a combination of achieving specific strategic goals, anger, humiliation, revenge and altruism. Some researchers are even arguing that individuals with existing suicidal tendencies are easily influenced by terrorist organizations to carry out their orders.

A journalist in Pakistan interviewed a young man (for a private TV network) who was all set for a suicide mission. The circumstances of his indoctrination are unclear. However, his terse, chilling explanations reveal much about the thought process of someone who is willing to die for a 'cause'.

I am posting this interview for the readers here.

Who is this suicide bomber? Why did he go for training to Waziristan? What are his intentions now? What arguments do they have in light of Shariah? And what are their motives behind such acts?

Q: If you are released, will you still follow the same path? A: God Willing! (I will do so)

Q: Has there been no change in your thinking? A: No

Q: Will you do the same if you get the order? A: God Willing! (I will do so)

Q: Will you do it on your own, or you will do it on the orders of your leader? A: I will do it on the orders of my leader, because I have accepted him as my leader according to Shariah.

Q: Will you take revenge on all? A: Yes, I will, as much as I can--even if it includes my family. I am for suicide bombing, and I will blow myself up even if I see my family there.

Q: In suicide bombing, innocent Muslims, and even those who hate America, are killed. Therefore, are you not killing those for whom you are fighting? A: No, those who are not taking part in Jihad are not innocent. Only those are innocent who are taking part in the Jihad in Miramshah, etc.

Q: Is there no one innocent in all of Pakistan? A: No. We have no repentance, no sorrow for killing. Even if our leader orders us to kill two people and a hundred are killed in the process, then we will do so.

Q: Sometimes, suicide bombing takes place in mosques, and even very young children are killed. A: Why do you consider these children to be innocent?

Interviewer: A child who is newly born may become like you when he grows up; you kill even him--so are you not killing the innocent? A: No. No one is innocent.

Q: Not even the young child? A: No.

Q: How many brothers and sisters do you have? A: Nine, including myself.

Q: Do they know about the path you are following? A: Yes. All praise to Allah.

Q: Have they granted you permission? A: No. Permission is not essential when Jihad becomes obligatory.

Q: The Taliban says that Jihad has become obligatory, but our religious scholars say that for Jihad, permission from Islamic State is essential. A: I accept neither the scholars of Pakistan nor the Government of Pakistan.

Q: Do you have any fatwa about the legitimacy of suicide attacks? A: Yes.

Q: Which scholar? A: I do not know his name, but his verdict is there.

Q: Is there any justification from the Quran and Hadith? A: There is a book justifying suicide bombing by an Arab Scholar.

Q: The Quran says to not commit suicide. A: But there are many reasons for it.

Q: You say that you do it to seek Allah's blessings, but Muslim scholars like Maulana Hassan Jan and Mufti Sarfarz Naeemi have also been killed in suicide attacks. A: These scholars neither participate nor believe in Jihad. On the contrary, they condemn the Jihadi Taliban. Mufti Naeemi had issued a fatwa against the Taliban.

Q: Are you married? A: No.

Q: Do you wish to marry? A: No. Seventy-two virgins are waiting for me in Heaven. So why should I prefer only one here?

Q: Are virgins waiting for those who are killed at your hands? A: They will be treated as per their intentions. If they support the Government, then they will be answered accordingly. Our leader has told us that you are not responsible for the killing of those who are not your target. No one in Pakistan is innocent. Whoever is outside Waziristan is not innocent. They will be innocent if they go and support the Taliban in their fighting.

Source: GEO TV