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An Interview With Kathy Glabicky

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Kathy Glabicky is a nationally renowned fitness trainer, based in Marblehead, MA and was named one of Shape Magazine's "Top 50 hottest Female Trainers in America." Her studio - Kathy G.'s Tread Tabata - practices the tabata way of training and her motto is "You can do anything for 20 seconds."

Sam: What is Tabata? How would you describe your workout to someone who is unfamiliar with routine exercise?

Kathy: Tabata was created by Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese scientist that did research on athletes. One group trained at a moderate intensity level, while the other group trained at a high intensity. Tabata concluded that a high intensity work out for four minutes has more benefits than a steady state cardio workout. Tabata is 20 seconds all out, followed by a 10 second rest. 8 times for four minutes.. This type of workout produces an afterburn of calories long after you are finished. Tread Tabata uses this method on the treadmill with varying speeds and inclines and combines it with high intensity interval training (HIIT) of full body floor exercise, set to a customized app that I createded specifically for my workout.


Sam: What sort of people typically show up for classes? Who do you cater to?

Kathy: I have all types of levels in my class. You can do anything for 20 seconds is what I tell my participants and it is true. They know they can run for 20 secs and it is so doable! Some people walk at first, then after a few class they are sprinting away. It is still an awesome workout. Coupled with the full body floor workout- it's everything you need. I group specific exercises together to really maximize the benefit. Plus, the afterburn benefit is HUGE. You will definitely leave my class feeling sweaty, happy an energized!!

Sam: What sort of diet do you recommend when engaging in Tabata?

Kathy: I do not like to use the word diet. It is a lifestyle. I believe in moderation. Keep with protein, lower carbs and healthy fats. Drink lots of water. Sweat daily. Have a cheat day when you need it. You want to live life, just make it a happy healthy one.


Sam: What is your philosophy on training others? How do you approach teaching those who might struggle maintaining good exercise habits?

Kathy: My training style is mixing cardio and strength together always. Using HIIT training to get maximum results. I believe it is the fastest, efficient and most effective way! If someone is struggling- I say baby steps. Start out with 20 mins a day. Go for a walk even, Make a goal that is realistic.Then when you are ready start upping the ante! You can do anything for 20 seconds.

Kathy is offering a free outdoor Tread Tabata class on July 2nd at Village School Track in Marblehead to kick off the 4th of July weekend.

You can find her website here: