An Interview with Steve Hogarth of Marillion

About a year and a half ago, I interviewed Marillion's Steve Hogarth about his band's then-forthcoming album, the excellent Sounds That Can't Be Made. Aside from fronting the English band with quite possibly the most dedicated and passionate fan base in the world, Hogarth keeps a few things going on the side. His recent collaboration with Richard Barbieri of Porcupine Tree fame resulted in the 2012 album Not The Weapon But The Hand.

I recently sat down with the man known as h to talk about his forthcoming tour, among other topics.

PS: Have rehearsals started yet?

SH:No. We're not going to give it total thought until early July or late August. I've had 24 years (since joining Marillion) of touring, writing, and promoting. I can still have a couple of months on my own.

PS: Talk to me about the band and the music.

SH: We have four very good singers-and that's fantastic. On some of the songs, we have quite a vocal arrangement. A few songs have multi-level arrangements. It's very theatrical. There are multiple layers of vocals. Ken and Carl Papenfus-whom I know from Ireland-play in a band called Relish and they will be joining us as well.

PS: What will you be playing?

SH: We'll need about 90 minutes for the setlist. We'll be playing most of the material from the album, but we'll put in another 45 minutes of assorted gems. It will be great do some covers. With the h Band, we've covered David Bowie, Jethro Tull, and others.

PS: Any future collaborations planned with Richard? Others?

SH:There's an intention to write and record an EP in time for this tour. Richard and I will be recording a bit more in the summer to get that ready.

PS: When do you expect Marillion to get back in the studio?

SH: We'll be getting back in the second half of September of 2013. We'll be jamming around. We're not going to rush it. We'll start exchanging ideas. We're going to be touring as we write. We're planning shows in Europe and in South America.

Hogarth and Barbieri have confirmed dates for a short European tour this fall:

The band will be performing its album
, as well as music from their respective solo albums and bands. The six-piece band includes:
  • Steve Hogarth, Lead Vocal & Piano
  • Richard Barbieri, Synthesizer
  • David Gregory, Guitar & Keyboards
  • Ken Papenfus, Vocal & Guitar
  • Carl Papenfus, Vocal & Keyboards
  • Yolanda Charles, Bass & Vocal
  • Andy Gangadeen, Drums
More updates can be found on the band's