An Interview with the Founders of Minutes Depot

An Interview with the Founders of Minutes Depot
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Louis Bedard and Louis-Marc Rodrigue are two of the co-founders of Minutes Depot working full time for the startup, Minutes Depot.”When came the moment to sell our first startup, we realized the hard way the importance of corporate records, proper and up to date legal documentation and precise accounting. In the urgency of the situation we had no choice but to refer to a law firm that did all the paperwork required from us but the bill was spicy…”

I thought that sounded like great inspiration and asked them to continue.

”With our current startup, we want to free the entrepreneurs stuck up with the obligation to comply and their only option is to refer to an overcharging professional. In today’s and tomorrow’s world people rely on apps to solve their daily problems. Our message is for them to free themselves. Our values are to lead that change towards autonomy and economy.”

Here’s the rest of our interview:

How long have you been in that role?A year

How do you balance a startup with your personal life?We both have children and we understand that life goes too fast and that family time is precious so we do book some personal time with the family. Of course, we often come back to work on the graveyard shift after the family is asleep… there is so much to be done in so little time.

You play an integral role in your startup. Can you please tell us more about what the startup does? How does it work? Can anyone join?

Minutes Depot offers a safe, compliant and lawful solution for Entrepreneurs who want to quickly create and share an online Corporate Records Book, without any special skills and for a fraction of the price of a professional.Minutes Depot was founded in 2014 in Quebec City, Canada. The Co-Founders had just successfully exited their first startup and had experienced first hand the need for a SaaS that would help entrepreneurs comply with business laws by generating and managing all required legal documents such as By-Laws, Shareholders resolutions, corporate minutes and resolutions and so on without having to pay high attorney fees. The Solution is user friendly so the entrepreneurs can use it without special skills or legal knowledge.With nearly 600 customers at the end of 2016 sales are expected to triple in the first quarter of 2017. At the end of december all of Canada’s Provinces were included in the document generator and the co-founders are now ready to expand throughout the United States.As it happens with other trendy applications like Uber or Airbnb not everybody will be enthusiastic about the emergence of such a service. Namely Law firms that often charge up to 2 500 $ for that type of services will find hard to compete with a self service that cost less than 25$ per month and seems more attractive to young startup entrepreneurs.

What is the most challenging part about what you do? How do you overcome that challenge?

We want to reach the startup at the moment they need our solution. Our field of work is generally considered a pain in the b… So If we reach entrepreneurs too early they don't feel the need for our solution and too late they probably retained the services of an expensive professional to solve their urgent need for proper legal documentation. We are doing efforts to reach startup entrepreneurs through social medias and informational site where they should evolve the web is vast and intricate we hope that people that believe in the value of the work we do for startups will share it to their relations. If entrepreneurs don’t know we exist how can we help them?

To learn more, visit Minutes Depot.

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