An Invention For The Nose Becomes A Better Mouse Trap For Those With Sleep Apnea

An Invention For The Nose Becomes A Better Mouse Trap For Those With Sleep Apnea
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Have you ever been forced to sleep on the couch because the snoring of someone you love is keeping you awake? I have. The couch, and even the bathroom, was the only place I could find refuge from my dad's snoring. His snoring was so loud it felt like the whole house was shaking. Even though he seemed like he was sleeping through the night, he would still wake up tired and cranky. The scary part was he would wake up gasping for air on occasion. Our family trips became plagued with confrontations about sleep, and it became a family issue.

After a visit to a doctor, he came home with a machine to perform and monitor his sleep. The results showed that he stopped breathing 100 times per hour, which amounted to 68% oxygen saturation. He remembers the doctor making a comment that "anything below 60% and you're dead." That suddenly woke him up! The doctor gave him a CPAP machine to use every night while he slept as a procedure to determine if he had sleep apnea. The CPAP was awful, he had to sleep with a mask over his face and it made him claustrophobic. He refused to wear the CPAP because it made him even more uncomfortable but could not forget the comment the doctor made about dying.

Around 3 a.m. one night he got up frustrated because he was not breathing well and realized he needed to invent something to help himself breathe better. He stood in front of the mirror, looked at his nose, and realized that if he could keep his nasal passages open he would be able to breathe easier through his nose. Amazingly, with his first simple device, he was able to sleep through the night peacefully. With the device he is now able to breathe through his nose and get more oxygen to his body.

For most Americans, oxygen intake while sleeping is the problem. Sleeping is supposed to be a time of complete rest where your body is able to restore itself. It is supposed to be a time where you can completely surrender. For those with sleep apnea or any night-time breathing issue, it is a constant struggle. There is no better feeling in the morning than waking up after a good night's sleep.

He eventually told some of my aunts and uncles who were struggling with sleep apnea. He customized his device for them and it worked with amazing results.

The device turned out to be a miracle worker for many who have struggled through the night. Just by using this simple device, everything changed for many people. They are now able to breathe easier through the night and wake up fresh and exhilarated. This is what most people say when they send in reviews. Breathing is so rudimentary it is so simple, and yet every part of our lives is affected by it.

It has proven to be effective for more than 10 years now, and suddenly my father is no longer unbearable when he wakes up. I even did a science fair project on it the year that my father made it, and I received interest from a Stanford Research Team. Since then, we have sold it on eBay and now have a website to sell the product. The product has recently gotten the attention of many well-known doctors who deal in the fairly new industry of Sleep Medicine.

As my brother and I have gotten older, we have come to find our passions align with the breathing device my dad made for sleep apnea. I have always been interested in Holistic Health and my brother in product design. We have now turned it into a full-fledged business and are anxious to be able to provide this solution for the millions of other people out there with night-time breathing issues.

We are currently selling the product in 33 countries and have recently gotten the attention of a big box retailer here in the United States. This week in Denver, we will be introducing the product to doctors at the largest gathering of sleep medicine professionals. My brother and I know first-hand that when somebody in your family is not sleeping well it really becomes a family issue. Help is here, and we are here to help.

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