An Obituary For The Truth


The Truth has died after a long illness.

Its exact age is unknown, but evolutionary biologists estimate that it was born perhaps 150,000 years ago when humans first began speaking. At that time some early incarnation of George Washington may have admitted that he had chopped down the cherry tree.

Ever since Truth has fought valiantly with its nemesis Lie and managed over time to beat back all manner of propaganda, hyperbole and distortion. Now it seems that Lie has the advantage in the arms race. After all, who wants to face uncomfortable facts? Myth is much more palatable.

The mainstream media (MSM) tried to administer CPR to Truth, to no avail. Is there a coroner alive who could determine the actual time of death? Perhaps it was the moment that no one tried to authenticate the first outrageous "news story" posted on social networks.

"Truth was overrated," says Bill Ian Air, a spokesman for the Ruling Class. "It always seemed to get in the way of progress."

E. Vayde, representing the Right-to-Lie movement, says, "The liberal courts have repeatedly shown a bias against liars, and it's time for a change."

Ver A. Lee is the only spokesperson for Truth who would go on record: "Honesty, we hardly knew ye."

Meanwhile, here are a few suggestions if you're interested in resurrecting Truth:

  • Challenge false statements.
  • Investigate the sources for apparent "facts."
  • Remove the shackles of "objectivity" in journalism and recognize that veracity is more than an algorithm of conflicting quotes.
  • Encourage news organizations to call out Lie, instead of "letting the reader decide."

Meanwhile, we might soon see bumper stickers like these:

My facts are better than your facts.

It's not a lie. It's alt-true.

Slogans aside, the responsibility falls on all of us. And that's the Truth.