An Ode to Donald Trump: Donald Trump, You're a Joke!

A Poem and Video about Donald Trump
A Poem and Video about Donald Trump

I thought readers might find this poem and video of interest. It summarizes many of the concerns that many people have been feeling about the direction of the current administration. People are really running scared that we are on the verge of a disaster and that Trump is not just an angry incompetent narcissist and sociopath, but is really nuts, and is fueled largely by his anger and desire for revenge against anyone he perceives as against him, including Obama, the media, the Freedom Caucus, Muslims, Mexicans, you name it. After awhile the basket of those he is against or sees against him grows so big that it threatens to not only encompass him but endangers.

So with that context in mind, here’s the poem, and I’ll add a video at the end. Feel free to share this poem and video.


Donald Trump, you’re a joke.

You watch America go broke.

As you play your golf at Mar-a-Lago.

You warn countries of war,

While you smoke big cigars,

And sign bills you haven’t read and say “No go!”

Donald Trump, you’re so fat,

But you put down women like rats,

‘Cause you lack class and treat others like trash.

You think it’s fine to lie,

Order to troops to fight and die.

All that matters is getting your fame and your cash.

Yes, Donald you’re a mess,

And you’ve got to confess,

You’re taking the U.S. for a ride.

It’s an expense we can’t afford.

But you’ll soon get your award.

A big impeachment ball or a jail cell once you’re tried.

So Donald, this ode is for you.

‘Since you’re so great at all you do.

You give the comics and the media a great field day.

Yes, what you do is so GREAT!

That you inspire such great hate,

But your walls will soon block your way.

So Donald, before it’s too late,

For the U.S. and the world’s fate,

It’s time to say so long and go.

You blew your chance to do good,

By doing well while you still could.

So time to end the “Trump Is President” show.

You can say you won.

You got your fame and fun.

Convinced millions you were great,

Though the most unqualified POTUS ever.

Some think you are nuts.

Not just a pain in the butt.

But you served your time

On the nation’s dime

Too bad ratings tanked

Like a drowning bank.

So it’s time to go forever.

Consider Russia the place to go.

You could face treason based on what you know.

Plus more and more people think you’re a con.

You rigged the election like a Mafia don.

But now the fraud’s coming to an end.

Your former fans are no longer friends.

So let the curtains go down.

Just make your hasty exit.

Or you’ll be going anyway,

Just like the vote for healthcare and Brexit.


This video is dedicated to the resistance.

So resist, resist, and resist!

And may this contribute to the cause.

Created by:

A Concerned Citizen

Written by:

A. Pissed Off Voter

Produced by:

A Truth Seeker

Funding from:

Truth in Government

And The No More Lies


Inspired by:

The idiots and assholes

now running or ruining

the government…

or running from it.

And thanks to the many photographers

and graphic designers whose photos

and illustrations inspired the resistance.

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