'An Ode To Sleep-Deprived Parents' Performed By The Sydney Philharmonia Choirs (VIDEO)

Several directives we give our kids are inherently funny. Other comments -- the bulk of parental cliches, really -- require a symphony to make them hilarious. Now, thanks to the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, it's time to start laughing.

This video came to pass after the Sydney Symphony posted a contest on their Facebook page, challenging fans to rewrite the opening chorus of Carmina Burana. (They'd been inspired after doing the same in a commercial for Carlton's Big Beer Ad.) The winner's lyrics would would be performed by the choirs.

We're not sure who the other entrants were, but can't imagine a more apt use of of the project than putting Matthew Hodge's verse, titled "An Ode To Sleep-Deprived Parents," to song. For example, it begins "O you terror." Hodge, a dad himself, was declared the winner via a status on the Facebook page on Monday that read, in part: "His entry received an overwhelming amount of support through likes, emails, messages, phone calls and texts. Obviously he has hit a bit of sleep deprived nerve in the parenting community…."

Yes, indeed they have.

(h/t Reddit)

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