An Ode to the Shameless Self-Promoter

This post is about you.

Yes, you.

You're constantly posting your selfies on Instagram, leaving updates about how you are making your dreams come to life on Facebook and tweeting your golden thoughts on Twitter. You might even have your own hashtag, and it is possible that you dream of the day where Beyoncé will follow you back.

You know what? You keep doing you.

It's possible that people will get annoyed with you, telling you to tame your ambition and to be quiet about all that you've worked for, but I encourage you to be shameless about promoting yourself. I know this sounds contradictory against everything you've learned in school, that we ought to be meek about how we approach success, but to me, that's a bunch of bologna.

We live in a society where people find excuses to hate themselves no matter what the problem is. They find discontentment in everything -- their laugh, their appearance and their socialization. We're so scared of being highly scrutinized that our confidence and our poise has vanished, leaving us with nothing.

To all of you who post selfies, keep doing it! I bet you spend a long time trying to come up with the perfect caption and making sure your hair is just right. It takes a lot of courage to post pictures of yourself online or on social media, and I commend you for your confidence. If we could all be as confident as you, there'd be a lot more Sasha Fierces in the world. Be proud of what you look like! Take pride in your appearance, instead of beating yourself up over your hairline or your hips or all the things that cannot be changed, but rather make you, you!

To all of you who post your achievements on Facebook, keep going! Even if your biggest accomplishment is getting out of bed on a cold day, be proud that you did it! We live in a society where we don't take enough joy in the little things -- from being a master at cooking the best macaroni and cheese to being able to memorize that difficult Nicki Minaj rap. Value what you're doing. Obsess over your vision.

I don't know about you, but I get so excited when I see my friends living their dreams on Facebook or Twitter! By posting what you've been up to, you are involving your entire circle into the process of making your dream a reality. And who knows? You might be inspiring others to do what they've always wanted to do as well! I would rather have a feed of people doing something productive with their lives than a streamline of apathetic and indifferent stories.

If you don't involve others in the process of making your dream come to life, who will? It's by caring enough about what you're doing by posting it on your social media that others will become curious about your vision and want to help you. If you don't take the initiative to bring your dream to life, someone will pay you to make theirs instead.

It's time to stop shaming ourselves for things we cannot control, but rather capitalize on the things that we can! But first, let's take a selfie.

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