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An Old Design Trick That All 20-Somethings Should Try

Feng Shui -- a traditional Chinese home decor philosophy -- may not be the sexiest topic. (Which is unfair, really, considering that when practiced correctly, it leads to better sex. Let's see you compete with that, mid-century modern.) But we're especially interested in Feng Shui's role in prosperity: How the ancient Chinese art of placement can help you save more, earn more, and just attract those money-bag-emoji vibes.
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Photo courtesy of Andrew Boyd For Dream Decor.

Feng Shui -- a traditional Chinese home decor philosophy -- may not be the sexiest topic. (Which is unfair, really, considering that when practiced correctly, it leads to better sex. Let's see you compete with that, mid-century modern.) But we're especially interested in Feng Shui's role in prosperity: How the ancient Chinese art of placement can help you save more, earn more, and just attract those money-bag-emoji vibes.

We turned to top designers to let us in on how they employ classic Feng Shui tactics to help their clients (and themselves) keep that money rolling in. From the free things you can start to do tonight to the types of pieces you should keep an eye out for on your next shopping trip, these tips are sure to help turn your home into a place that draws in the right kind of energy. We can't promise they'll bump you up into the next tax bracket, but don't be surprised if all that furniture-rearranging unveils spare change hiding in sofa cushions and random $20 bills in coat pockets.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Boyd For Dream Decor.

Junk: Out. Success: In.

How are you going to make room for all that cash when you've got old receipts, junk drawers, and unused kitchen equipment all around you? "A well-organized and tidy space aids a calming and relaxing mood in a room," says Will Taylor, author of the Bright Bazaar blog and the book Dream Decor. "By clearing surfaces and keeping storage solutions -- both visible and hidden -- in an orderly manner, you're clearing the mind to focus on everyday tasks."

Where to start: Your desk! "Organized desk drawers help you to find what you need, so you can get work tasks completed more efficiently," explains Taylor. And that more efficient work flow can easily pave the way for a raise or extra time for a side hustle.

Design by Consort, Photographed by Joe Schmelzer.

Let It Grow

Yes, houseplants and freshly-stocked vases full of flowers are great Instagram bait, but they serve a higher purpose as well. "Flowers and plants signal new growth to your subconscious -- and a positive outlook that brings peace," say Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone of Consort Design.

Where to start: Whichever room is home to the most tech (living room with the big screen, laptop, and tablet, we're looking at you). "Electronics can bring the energy of work, stress, and distraction to any room -- plants are a great way to help activate positive energy and purify the air."

Photo courtesy of Andrew Boyd For Dream Decor.

Paint It Red

No, you don't have to commit to red walls, but a few red accents in a room can go a long way in creating a vibrant and secure-feeling space. "Red is a stimulating color that captures one's focus and reminds us of things that keep us safe -- stop signs on roads, fire engines, and so on," explains Taylor. "It's because of this recall that red brings about a feeling of security in a room."

Where to start: If you're looking to bring red to the bedroom, go for a darker hue, like burgundy or maroon ("more cocooning and comforting," says Taylor). If you're thinking dining or living room, go with an orange-tinted red for a more upbeat vibe.

Design By Kimberly Winthrop, Photo Courtesy Of Laurel & Wolf.

Create A No-Work Zone

Sounds counterintuitive, right? If you're prepping your home to make you as rich as possible, shouldn't every space be a "work" space? Not exactly. "The bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation, and intimacy only," says Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop. "A bedroom is not a room that you want to have a dual purpose, so no work areas. You should be turning off stress when you walk into your bedroom, not adding to it."

Where to start: Shut. The. Laptop. Move it from your nightstand into the living room. See? That was easy.

Design By Consort, Photographed by Mat Sanders.

Hang A Mirror

It's not vain; it serves a purpose. When you introduce mirrors to reflect your dining table, or other areas that signify abundance -- plants, windows, your kitchen -- you're using decor to "grow" your assets. Sanders and Quattrone recommend thinking carefully before placing your mirror. "Make sure it's hung with purpose, to reflect a serene view, an expansive part of the room, or even a window -- to reflect more light and recirculate energy," they explain.

Where to start: At your dining table or favorite window. And no need to buy a new mirror here. We're guessing you can locate one around the house that's currently reflecting something less-than-inspiring. Move it!

Photo courtesy of Leslie Banker.

Keep It All Ticking

"To be prosperous, you have to keep things working in the house," says Leslie Banker of Pamela Banker Associates. Sounds simple enough, right? Then why is your oven clock still set to pre-Daylight Savings time? "Clocks need to have the right time, drains need to work and be clear; if something breaks, it needs to be fixed or disposed of," says Banker. Call thy landlord (or get thy tool belt), and start dealing with anything that's blocking your chance at a wealthier future.

Where to start: You decide! The corroded plant stand? The floorboard that always pops up? Start with the easiest things to fix and work your way up until it feels like second nature to get it all done. We know you can do it.

Photo courtesy of Leslie Banker.

Get Hosting

Next time you're bemoaning the dishes left over from a party, keep this in mind: Cooking for friends and family is believed to be one of the most self-fulfilling prophecies when it comes to inviting in prosperity. "Even if it's putting cheese and crackers on a plate, you can bring friends and family into the house," says Banker. "It fills the house with fresh energy." Even though it calls for a small investment up front, hosting loved ones is perhaps the best way to spend money -- and it's vibing to the universe that you've got your priorities in order, so it can make way for more money to head in your direction.

Where to start: Saturday night. Games, wine, frozen snacks from Trader Joe's. Cheers!

Design by Consort, Photographed by Christopher Patey.

Fall In Love With Lush

You have to spend money to make money, right? Okay we're not saying you should go out and spend beyond your means, but it's worth budgeting in a luxurious -- whatever that means to you -- piece to add to your decor. "The purpose of Feng Shui is to get your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go," say Consort Design's Quattrone and Sanders. "Surround yourself with beauty and items with meaning that bring you joy, so in turn you will send joy back into the space and continue to attract more into your life."

Where to start: Your bed and sofa. Pile on the plush, chenille, cashmere, faux-fur, and ultra-cozy throws and pillows. These arenas should feel pampering and restful.

Design by Kimberly Winthrop Photo courtesy of Laurel & Wolf.

Position Matters

If you're working from home at night, it's often hard to think of your space as a "real" work area, rather than a slapdash spot to accomplish what you couldn't finish at the office. But you can make yourself more productive -- and, yes, attract the right cash-flow vibes -- with some furniture rearranging. "Desk position is very important to an office space," says Laurel & Wolf's Winthrop. "In a Feng Shui office, you want to make sure that you are sitting in the power position, which means you can see the door when seated at your desk."

Where to start: Put a towel under the legs of your desk for easy moving, and shift that sucker so your eyes are on the door. Even if you're not actually meeting with people in this space, it's going to make a difference in your mindset.

Design by Consort, Photographed by Mat Sanders.

Bring The Gold

It's the goes-with-everything material that attracts all the good stuff. "Gold is the universal symbol of abundance," say Sanders and Quattrone. "Use its light-reflective qualities to amplify energy and confidence." Like you needed a reason to stock up on the shiny stuff.

Where to start: In your "wealth corner." Yes, this is a thing. Depending on the brand of Feng Shui you're looking at, there are different ways to find it, but the classic version is to focus on the corners either closest to the main door to a room or diagonal from it. Bring on the glam accessories ASAP.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Mind The Doors

We can't talk about Feng Shui without talking about doors. They are major metaphors for how energy (and yes, money) moves around your home. Keep your bathroom and laundry room doors closed at all times (no money flushing out!). Paint your front door something bright and special that you'll love seeing every day -- and inside, make sure nothing is blocking it from opening.

Where to start: Take a door-inventory (inven-door-y? No? Okay.) Make sure they all open smoothly and stay closed (especially for the rooms mentioned), and if you're feeling up for a fun DIY project, get moving to your local hardware store for a paint color that's more fun than standard-issue gray. Cha-ching! Can you feel the prosperity vibes moving through yet?

By: Amy Preiser

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