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An Olympic Level Body Positive Celebration - #BeyondthePodium

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The Rio 2016 Olympics are in full swing, and we've already had plenty of beautiful moments worth celebrating. These heartwarming moments are proof that there's still some worth to this year's games despite horribly infectious water, viral outbreaks, and the destructive force of Phelps reaching his final form.

Instead of lamenting the tortured nature of the games, let's celebrate the good stuff, like skateboarding becoming an official olympic sport, the awesomeness that is Simone Biles, and the fact that race walking is actually a sport (seriously, how was this a sport before skateboarding?).

There are many reasons to celebrate the games this year despite what the downers say. YouTuber Shir Levi can think of a few more. 11,402 to be exact. That number isn't random, it's the total number of bodies competing in this year's games. Shir wants us to take a moment to celebrate the diverse and amazing diversity of bodies competing at this year's summer games.

We usually get to see only one very specific body type in the mainstream media. So it's time we celebrated a new angle of the Olympics. We all have many different shapes that are beautiful in their own ways. Let's make Rio 2016 a place to celebrate bodies of all shapes, sizes, and muscles tones.

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