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An Open Letter From My Fitbit

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Dear Mom,

I remember the day we first met. It actually wasn't that long ago. December 2015 if I remember correctly?

The look on your face when you knew it was me was priceless. You showed me off to all your friends and family.

You talked about all the things we were going to do together.

You were so cute. You had such high goals. I was confident of all you wanted to achieve together.

You participated in fun challenges with your friends and always cheering each other on. I loved your competitive spirit.

You were always talking about me on the phone with your family. Even your kids would ask how "we" were doing on our steps.

I saw how motivated you were. This was the perfect way to help keep track of your exercise and movement.

And then it happened. You found out something else about me. At first, you were excited about it. You thought it would be "interesting."

But ultimately, I knew you wouldn't like it. I knew it would change the way you looked at me in the morning.

And it did.

Instead of excitement for the new day it was more of dread knowing what the night before was like. It was the look of defeat.

Our relationship got awkward. I was your motivator and accountability partner during the day. And at night I was the constant reminder of how tired you really were.

I truly felt bad. I wanted you to love everything about me. But how could you love this.




So it's ok

... just put me on the nightstand at night and our relationship will go back to how it was before.

It really will.

Love always,

Your FitBit

P.S. It's not your fault. It's not my fault. It's your daughters' fault.