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An Open Letter From Your Highly-Sensitive Yoga Student

Unfortunately, even though we're flocking in large numbers to your studio, yoga classes aren't always the best places for us Highly-Sensitive People.
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Dear Yoga Teacher,

Did you know that your yoga class is FULL of Highly-Sensitive People?

Yes, I know we're in the minority in the "real" world, but in your yoga class, you can bet we're in the majority.

You see, we need a way to calm our nervous systems down. Life is busy and hectic, and yoga is THE PERFECT way to calm our frazzled nervous systems.

We're also deeply spiritual, creative and caring beings, so we just love connecting with other like-minded people in your class.

I wouldn't be surprised if you're a Highly-Sensitive Person too. If you are, you're in good company.

Unfortunately, even though we're flocking in large numbers to your studio, yoga classes aren't always the best places for us Highly-Sensitive People.

So I thought I'd share with you some tips for making your class really nurturing and nourishing for people like me (and I bet this is good for your business too):


  1. Teach me practices to calm my nervous system, that's what I really need more than anything else from your class.

  • Be mindful of sensory stimuli in your studio, I tend to get overwhelmed and turned off when there's too much going on. I'm talking about smells (yes, incense) sounds, air quality and clutter.
  • I might take some time to feel comfortable in a new situation. Don't presume I'm anxious on unable just because I take my time. And please, don't rush me!
  • When you're teaching, offer me choices and options (nobody likes a dictator for a yoga teacher), but not too many or I might get overwhelmed.
  • My intuition is powerful. Help me to cultivate this by encouraging me to listen and trust my inner wisdom
  • I'm generally a conscientious student and will always try my best. Please encourage me to listen to the needs of my own body and mind rather than being a "good student."
  • Know that I don't really feel comfortable or perform well when I feel like I'm being watched, evaluated or criticised, but don't ignore me.
  • I might socialize less during or after class, as I sometimes need time to process my experiences privately. Please don't take it personally, I probably loved your class, I just don't feel like talking about it.
  • Please have your own yoga practice and do your own work so you are calm, grounded and authentic while you're teaching me. I know that you're human and you have your own stuff going on, but I'm sensitive and I can pick up on everything that's going on for you.
  • Thanks for listening.

    I can't wait to come to your next class.


    Your highly-sensitive yoga student.

    PS: Just for the record, high sensitivity isn't a diagnosis or a disorder, it's a superpower!