An Open Letter to All of the Impacted

Dear Several Sharpied Hands,

Impacts. Sometimes they are subtle, while other times they are fast and hit you like a ton of bricks. No matter what age you are, people will walk into your life and impact you in ways you never thought possible. Sometimes in this crazy world, we forget how important we are; we tend to lack insight about our importance to the world. I think this lack may stem from the social media rage, but I also think it is brought on by those who don't see their unique importance to their life. Most who don't see it are often the ones impacting other people in extraordinary ways.

Impacts: What are they? Who creates them? Do they hurt? Are they good or bad? What makes them such an essential part of life? I believe the impact of people is often sent by God to unlock a certain part of who we are. When we begin life, we change as we watch our parents and then as we grow, all sorts of unique and gifted people walk into our lives and change us in ways we never thought possible. Without these people, you may never have become the person you are in this moment. Certain impacts in my life have required me to sit down and ask God who I am and where I need to grow in my soul.

When I was young I met three girls, who grew into my best friends. One is quiet and kind, one is loud and full of life, and one is independent and relaxed. These girls have impacted my life in so many ways it's hard to imagine the person I would have become without them. My quiet and kind friend taught me that when people don't have much to say, they must be the ones listening the most. On my worst days, she has taught me that I can make it through anything and I will survive whatever little obstacle may be in the road. My loud and full of life friend has taught me that no matter the situation, you can make it positive. Wherever she goes she brings laughter and happiness. Without her, I myself would not be able to recognize that sometimes we all just need to laugh and enjoy the moment, even if you are stuck in the library for twenty hours. My independent and relaxed friend, she's the exact opposite of who I am and has taught me more about myself than I could ever dream. She has been my constant and someone who redefines who I choose to spend my time with on a daily basis. Without these three beautiful people, I would lack the ability to listen when needed, laugh and live for the moment, and sometimes relax and remember I am in charge of who I am.

When I was in high school, I became close to two amazing boys who changed my life. The dynamic of their friendship shocked my world and intrigued me on a daily basis. They taught me so much about who I am and how I wanted to be seen. The first boy, man he had my heart. He taught me how to love with everything I had and to find joy in the simplest parts of life.

He showed me that it is not about what you wear or look like but more so of who you are on the inside.

He taught me that it is possible to care about someone more than yourself and want to know every detail about who they are as a person. While he taught me all these truly amazing and unforgettable things, he also taught me the pain of goodbyes. Take in these goodbyes and hold them close to your heart, they are important to be felt and will change you for the better.

While I met a boy who had my heart, I had also met a boy who inspired me on so many levels. This boy didn't come from the same background as myself and I think that was so essential for my life. He worked hard for everything he had and deserved the positive rewards that were given because of this. He was determined, passionate, and giving. He showed me that no matter who you are, you have the ability to be anyone you want. His kind heart and giving attitude still leaves me in awe to this day and I am more than grateful for his friendship. This young man has taught me that dreams are reachable no matter the obstacles and God rewards the faithful.

So when we think about all who have impacted our lives, I encourage you to think about those who are in your generation and really realize how amazing these people were for walking through your life. They have created you and taught you so much about who you are and impacted all these little places in your heart. I think that's what impactful moments and people do, they change you sometimes, but for the most part they awaken parts of you that were too timid to make an appearance before their special touch on your life. Take a moment and realize that you too have awakened so many parts of this world, you have changed people in an irreplaceable way, and you are extremely important.


As you look at the art above, I hope you feel the same sense of empowerment as I do. God has given you the ability to shine a light on so many unique and beautiful lives. I encourage you all to be the touch that unlocks an essential part of who someone is. With every touch we change the world and for that each life holds a close place in my heart.Therefore, some may find their names above, while others imprint has yet to be documented. Most of us never realize that we are capable of being apart of the bigger picture, and that who we are has the ability to be the one life so necessary and essential for another's life to prosper.

So, I leave you with this: Did you ever imagine seeing your name Sharpied on some ones hand? I hope so, because that is what life is all about.


Impacted & Sharpied

This post originally appeared on Dear3AMFeels