An Open Letter to Bill Ford

Your investment of millions on high priced law firms whose assignment is to slam the brakes on long overdue government efforts to slow global warming is ill-conceived and dangerous.
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Dear Mr. Ford: You are spending an enormous amount of money on an ad campaign touting your company’s commitment to “innovation” and “fuel economy” -- but no one is taking you seriously. Let me explain why: as long as you continue to sue state governments -- 11 and counting -- for their heroic attempts at reducing global warming emissions, you will be viewed as the bad guy. You can call yourself “innovators” but the truth is that you are aggressively suing to stop real innovation.

Your investment of millions on high priced law firms whose assignment is to slam the brakes on the long overdue first step this country has made towards slowing global warming is ill conceived and dangerous. Every second now counts in dealing with climate chaos -- and bogging solutions down in the courts is downright criminal.

You built an impressive green headquarters to reduce your company’s global warming pollution. And now you are asking for federal help with your newfound commitment to hybrid technology. But it is all meaningless if you continue to fight the one thing that will do the most to slow carbon emissions: raising fuel economy standards.

This is not about sacrifice, Mr. Ford. And it is not about Americans not being able to own SUVs or trucks. This is about change. Thirty-thousand Americans would still be employed this Christmas season if Detroit had had the vision others had, a decade ago, to make cars that use less gas. A new study published this week in the journal Science confirms that there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now than in the last 650,000 years. Doesn’t that terrify you? It should.

As you well know, most of this CO2 is coming from power plants and cars. So here is some sincere advice: drop your lawsuit and spend this holiday season convincing your fellow automakers to drop their suits too. Then you will be praised, admired, and beloved for doing something that is nothing short of helping to save the American way of life. Snowy winters, normal rainfall, normal summer nights, mosquitoes that just give you little bites, not infectious diseases. That is what is at stake here, Mr. Ford. That is what is in your hands. Consider it your Christmas gift to all Americans.

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