An Open Letter to Donald Trump

I thought it would pass. I thought that the American people would be a little smarter than having you as the front-runner in the Republican race. I thought that I wouldn't have to waste my time writing about another idiot who is spreading his toxic beliefs into the world. I finally came to the conclusion however that I have been holding my tongue on the subject for far too long.

 It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you are a cruel person. Your recent comments on sending back Syrian refugees make me sick to my stomach. In a New Hampshire rally, you, the future Nobel Peace Prize winner (note the sarcasm) said, "If I win, they're going back." 

Ok, Trump. It's not as if we are talking about sending back furniture. Sorry to break it to you, but you are talking about real human beings, each whose lives are as precious as yours and mine (to be honest, probably more than yours).  We are talking about real human beings who are living through horrors that you could never even imagine. 

I know that must be a lot for you to process. Let me try and put it into simpler terms. Let's say you are a father raising two children in a country divided and destroyed by war. You have to fear every single second that something terrible might happen to your family; that your wife might be on the street when a bomb hits, that your babies might starve, and that you will lose the only things in the world that matter to you.

Put yourself in that situation, the situation that the people you criticize are going through, and tell me that you wouldn't do everything in your power to get your family out of that living hell and somewhere safe. 

Have you no compassion? Or are you just too idiotic to have any common sense? The United States has always been a beacon of hope for people who want to start new and better lives. Yet we have been failing those very people who look to us for help. With your influence it has only gotten worse.

You represent the lowest type of human being and I ashamed that people would even consider you to run the United States, this country that represents the opposite of everything that comes out of your mouth.  You are nothing but a coward who has nothing better to do that than criticize other people. Why? Because you have nothing else to say. You have no realistic policies and you no brains. You know you are not presidential material and because of this you fall back on the only thing you are good at: being a jerk. I can congratulate you on that one. You really win first prize in that department.

I can tell you with complete confidence that those people that are fighting for better lives, that abandon their countries so that their children don't have to wake up in fear, are more valuable to this country than you will ever be. 

You are no American, you are an asshole.