An Open Letter To Everyone Who Feels Like Garbage

I can tell you this one thing.

To every young girl and grown ass woman who feels the immense weight of the world and it’s many indiscretions pressing down on their mind, body, heart, and soul, I would like to express my deepest sympathies and boundless gratitude for your perseverance in the communal shitstorm that is the Fall of 2016. In a devastating trend that has slowly made it’s presence clear to me, I’ve noticed that many of the brilliant, resilient, and capable women I know have been overcome by a crippling anxiety and depression that seems dead set on annihilating us one panic attack at a time. I myself have seen the destruction depression can have on the psyche as I visibly and helplessly watched the light extinguish from my eyes despite my desperate, at times manic, attempts to hold on to it with a viselike grip. It’s horrible, terrifying, and increasingly common amongst the ordinarily ball-busting women I am fortunate enough to call friends.

I wish I could say it’s all going to be fine. I wish I could assure every one of them, every one of you reading this, that it’s all alright and the clouds will part and the skies will reveal themselves brighter and bluer than ever. If you’re looking for that advice, please stop reading and move onto the next article. I am in no position to tell you that this shit is gonna work out. I have no idea if the current political, social, and economic landscape will repair itself after the beating it got from this year’s toxic election and the growing crises locally and worldwide.

But I can tell you this: you are not alone. Do you hear that? You are not alone! Teenage girl in high school and principal of that school and 20-something trying to figure out her life and that 20-something’s mother and aspiring doctors and designers and artists and newlyweds and grandmas… you’re not alone. We’re here too. Having the same crises; having the same struggles. Fighting to keep our heads high, our eyes open, and our feet on the ground. You are not alone. We are with you. We are suffering with you. We understand. We empathize. We care. We care just as much as you do. We love just as deeply and fiercely as you do. And we will not stop. And neither will you.

As women, we commonly have higher levels of empathy. When the world is suffering and people are in pain it can hurt us in ways we don’t realize. But also, as empaths, we have the power to heal ourselves and each other. When we reach out and connect with one another it’s clear that we wield more power than our anxieties often lead us to believe. Even better, our collective potential is infinite.

Too often we shrink ourselves when what the world needs now is for us to be expansive. I understand how the desperate desire to ‘fix’ the world can often clash with the overwhelming urge to just lay down and take a nap. That’s okay too. Let yourself rest. Reflect on your privilege and your peril. Don’t forget to give yourself permission to empty your mind once in a while. Don’t forget to remember that being alive is pretty cool, being a woman is fucking rad, and being a part of the human race is a privilege in itself.

All my love and very sincerely yours,




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