An Open Letter to Highly Creative Iconic Artists and Thought Leaders


You were born for greatness - to leave an indelible mark on the world with your mission, vision, art and work. That will touch lives, motivate, inspire, raise the collective vibe of consciousness. You've got fire in you you gotta unfurl, and have a brilliant mind with all cylinders firing churning out new ideas every minute.

You're super smart, super strong, have unrelenting standards and most of the time the people around you just don't get it. They can't keep up with you and find your pace in even your lowest gear to be dizzying.

You press on, always.

You're committed to doing anything you can to experience success on all levels, and you are constantly seeking ways of improving yourself as a way to grow an even bigger legacy, faster. You only associate yourself with greatness, and are unafraid of taking risks to stoke your creative flames.

But the wake of your creation can be one of destruction.

Your work is your play, and you play hard, sometimes falling into pits that you never see coming. That take away from your work. That leave you questioning, distant, far from the people who matter, and out of touch with your own genius.

Then when you're down you get hit by stupid little triggers that send you even further down that spiral: Trivial annoyances, a hater, an argument with someone important to you who just doesn't get it and won't leave you alone with your muse...

Your drive to go bigger, play harder, push your edge, reach the pinnacle and inspire people out of their mediocrity sometimes leaves you depleted, questioning, and even self-sabotaging more with an extra drink or five, numbing out in some other way, staying hidden, keeping your brilliance to yourself, getting swallowed by shame.

You know part of success is falling, and you always get back up, but you also know you need to cut as much nonsense and distraction from your life so you can get back to your work.

Your gift has a shadow.

You FEEL strongly and sometimes your emotions get the most of you. How do you manage all of that PAIN? How do you prevent it from STOPPING your process? How do you RELATE to others sometimes who just don't GET IT?

How do you shorten the recovery process from your downward spirals, or not crash and burn in the first place?

When you shut your experience down, even when you even don't know how NOT to, you lose part of yourself. Part of your brilliance. But you can leave an even BIGGER legacy with your creative genius by exploring yourself, mastering your emotions and tapping into your own limitlessness. The cycle of creation and destruction does not have to involve self-destruction, rather, YOUR truth will set you free.

The world does not need another self-imploded artist.

The world and your own creativity need you to rise up even stronger, to an even higher peak of elite.

So what do you do, how do you master yourself and discover your limitlessness?

In addition to feeding your mind and body with high octane fuel for your best performance which you're likely already doing, you need to be connected and aware of that space in between your mind and body: Your emotions.

Here's the thing though: You can't power through them, or they'll power though you.

It is in the deepening of the same emotional connection to yourself that you often shut down or run from where you will find mastery. And to go deeper, you'll need a hand, because you're human, and by your very nature, you need to emotionally connect with others. You need to feel felt.

And I get it, it can be more frustrating than anything to connect with another, because most humans don't get YOU. Attempts at connection leave you with the reminder that so few CAN feel you because you are cut from a different cloth. You are the elite of the elite, and most tell you to slow down, or want to talk about something so mundane that You. Can't. Even...

So? You shut it down.

But solitary confinement is the worst punishment we've invented as humans, and if it it doesn't drive you insane, it will at LEAST take away from your work, impair your brain's ability to be flexible and even more creative.

As much as you enjoy your total space and isolation in your creative lab to seduce your muse, you need the human connection to help you discover new parts of yourself. Further, there is brain research to back up the fact that to be even MORE bold, MORE fearless and more resilient to PAIN, you need connection. As humans, we can connect even more deeply to ourselves with the help of another.

It's simply how we're wired.

With someone in your corner to provide the right kind of scaffolding, you will go on a personal excavation where you journey inward, chisel through the extra layers of emotional extravagance, and uncover even more of your greatness.

Without a trusted guide to help facilitate a journey inward, you'll continue to produce great work, but you may not reach the peak of your peak, and it may come with a price. When you have someone who knows how to navigate through tricky emotional terrain and who GETS you, THEN, you can be even MORE limitless with your legacy, and have the scaffolding you need to take even bigger risks to let your true gifts shine. Someone to help you absorb the blows, to reflect back your brilliance, and to be in your corner, sometimes, when it feels you're all alone at the top.

Do not make the deadly mistake that so many brilliant creatives have made in the past with the delusion that they could survive with just their art, without the human connection, and as a result, without emotional mastery. Forcing yourself out of isolation to achieve emotional mastery with the help of another is NOT superfluous, does NOT interrupt your process, but rather, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, so you can be even more in flow with your creations and grow an even bigger legacy, faster.