An Open Letter to Hillary and Bernie... Cool It!

First of all, I believe it's absurd that any campaign for a political office would last longer than three months! That's plenty of time to tell voters what you stand for, your interests and experience, and what you'd do if elected to be President of the United States of America.

But since the powers-that-be have scheduled more like 18 months--and that's how it is right now--we must deal with this schedule. Maybe that's something one of you could change when elected!

I have wanted a woman president most of my life. To have one who is so bright and knowledgeable about foreign affairs is a dream come true. In addition to having been our Secretary of State, Hillary has served in the Senate and as First Lady.

Yet...Bernie is also bright and knows how the Senate works. He has also served as a Congressman and Mayor of Burlington. He, too, has a wide range of experience...and he's a Progressive. I love that he wants to help all of the people.

These two candidates agree on so many vital issues. And it appears they're working on some of their differences. What a great combination your talents and ideas would make! If you two could work together, America could truly become better than any ideal we've ever imagined. How about it?

Well...maybe that's something to think about after the nomination is made.

To Whoever wins: A partnership could certainly enhance your Presidency!

Meanwhile, don't damage our Party Unity!


I offer the following half-dozen suggestions to make the best of your current opportunity:

1. Tell us WHY you are running and what you want to do if elected.

2. Tell about your qualifications and experience...and how you will implement your ideas.

3. It's OK to deny wild, crazy, and false charges others make. Give us a BRIEF comment to set the record straight...then go back to an outline of your plans for after you are elected.

4. Keep things civil! Run against opponents in a civilized manner. Don't make-up stuff or pass-on-what-you-know-are-lies. Republicans will do more than enough of that.

5. Above all, work on ways-you-could-cooperate after the election to accomplish all of the positive things each of you wants to accomplish--you could do them together!

6. Strengthen our own party. Don't cave in to the opposition. Don't give anyone ammunition to use against The People. Protect what both of you--and American citizens want--A DEMOCRATIC VICTORY IN WHICH THE REAL WINNERS ARE "WE, THE PEOPLE."

P.S. A note to the Media: Quit repeating bogus charges that too much taxpayer-money has already been used to investigate...and to prove false. Ditto on rumors you know are not true!