An Open Letter To My Friend Michael Steele

Just wanted to send a note congratulating you on your election as the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee. I also wanted to thank you for writing a blog for Global Grind. The hip-hop community remains eager to hear the views of national leaders like you who understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and striving to end poverty in our nation and the world.

I have known you to be a strong advocate for the advancement of the poor and also as a supporter of small businesses.

This is your chance to make history and real change. I have heard the rhetoric from the mean left and from the angry right. Don't let those who are angry in your base guide your choices or let the people to the left of President Obama push your buttons. If you work directly with the White House, from your informed perspective, you can help to build an effective bridge for the sake of the improvement of the quality of life of millions of Americans. This is America's great chance for change. We all should be working together for the common good beyond the lines of partisanship. Let's keep this constructive dialogue going and give the American people a comprehensive stimulus package that EVERYONE can support.

Your friend Russell Simmons