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An Open Letter To Nickelodeon And The Disney Channel

Our kids grow up so fast and you, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, are putting people and messages out there that are harmful.
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Today, when my kids arrive home from school, I predict the first thing they will want to talk about is the fact that Zoey 101 is going to have a baby.

And then the questions will start. "Mom, isn't she in like 9th grade?" "Mom, Jamie Lynn Spears isn't married." "Mom, how can a kid have a baby?"

Spears and her mother selling the news of the impending pregnancy to a magazine in the first place explains so much in terms of the whole family's excruciating emotional and psychological issues. And while the Spears family most definitely should crawl back to their trailer park and stay there, the broader implications of their public behavior does affect us, especially our young daughters and sons.

My children span from ages 10 to three, so we haven't had the birds and bees talk -- yet. But it feels like that time is quickly approaching, if not here.

Thanks, Nick.

The kids at our elementary school -- like kids everywhere -- soak up every piece of information they hear about Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Lynn Spears and all the other characters that prance around on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. For starters, how can they miss the magazines in the check out lines? They are placed at kids' exact eye level.

Most of that information my kids hear about the shows' stars involves naked pictures on the internet, drugs, obnoxious behavior and now a very public pregnancy which will no doubt be plastered everywhere (just wait till they sell the baby pics.)

Nick and Disney Channel, what is going on? (Taking a look at Jamie Lynn Spears' website just now is so sad and laughable at the same time. Pure innocence. What a joke.)

The programming on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel often includes children and teens who are rude, disrespectful, untrustworthy and mean (just try to get through five minutes of Suite Life of Zack and Cody without being disgusted) -- and the off-air, public actions of many of the networks' stars is worse.

Our kids grow up so fast, it is painful that they learn so much about adult things in elementary school and you, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon (even if we don't watch you) are putting people and messages out there that are harmful. You own some responsibility here. The question is, what are you going to do about it?