An Open Letter to Our Muslim Sisters

Dear Sisters,

You see the sidelong glances at restaurants, on the subway, at the park. You hear the whispers.

You feel the eyes of strangers on you, screaming in silent judgment.

You see fear and you see anger, and it makes you want to stay inside, draw the blinds, pull your babies close -- and we don't blame you. We would want to hide, too.

But you haven't hidden. You have bravely come out in force to show the world what your faith truly stands for: love, tolerance, benevolence, peace.

Thank you for having the courage to shine your light in the midst of this darkness.

We've read the accounts of French women embracing one another in the streets, regardless of religion, race or creed, united by tragedy.

May this letter be our embrace.

May it be louder than the silent judgments, more powerful than the anger and fear.

May it go far and wide and tell you:


Sisters of all faiths stand with you.

We press in, shoulder to shoulder, so close that there is no room for anything but peace.

We hold your hands, weeping with you for the insanity committed in the name of your beloved faith.

We proclaim that your belief is beautiful.

We circle around you, women of every religion, race and creed,

And together we declare evil in the name of faith will never, ever triumph, not in a world where there are mothers and daughters and sisters who stand for Good in the name of God.


Your Sisters of All Faiths