An Open Letter To President Trump From One Of The Mothers You're Hurting

There is no presidential President Trump. We have to stop hoping.

Dear Mr. President,

This is a letter from a U.S. citizen, but above all, this is a letter from a very concerned mother. A mother of almost 6-year-old boy and girl twins. They’re in kindergarten now, and they know who you are. They see you on the news and they say your name. But, the reason why they know who you are is not a very good one. See, I proudly took my daughter with me to vote for the first woman President of the United States, Hillary Clinton. We were so happy and hopeful! My daughter understood the meaning of that vote, and she stood proudly next to me while I cast it. 

When you won the 2016 election, we were devastated... More than devastated, we were very fearful and anxious of the kind of president you were going to be; but given that we had no choice anymore, we chose hope over fear. We hoped that you were going to understand that you can’t govern as the candidate you presented yourself to be, that you were going to walk into the White House and act presidential; that you were going to respect the office of the President of the United States and respect the people of the United States (all people); that you were going to get to work and get things done, even if your ideas weren’t in line with our ideas. After the very painful election year, the bar was very low, we all just hoped you were going to at least act presidential.

For mothers, the President of the United States is not only a state figure, the leader of the free world and the Commander-in-Chief, but he is also looked upon as an example for their children to follow. Mothers look at the way you act, the way you interact with different people, the way you conduct your business and the way you treat your family. We’re always watching and we’re taking notes. We aspire for our children to grow up to be like the president; to be successful, ethical, poised, honest, kind, well mannered, smart, respectful, thoughtful and accepting of all people. But you, Mr. President, are none of these. Not even successful. 

I define success in a very different way than you do. For you, it’s about making a lot of money.  For me, it’s about achieving something very important in life by not taking any shortcuts. It’s about working very hard without stiffing anyone and filling for multiple bankruptcies, making money, but paying your fair share of taxes instead of hiding behind off-shores and fake foundation, and not being afraid of releasing your tax returns.

During your speech in Congress, I had a glimmer of hope. A very rare one. For a second, I thought you had finally realized that what all of us Americans need is for you to stick to your script,  do your job, be respectful and balanced. You really looked presidential that day. We were able to breathe a sigh of relief for a few days... but then the REAL you came out to tweet again, and it was UGLY! 

There is no presidential President Trump. We have to stop hoping. There is no hope in your presidency. You are a danger to our country and to our people. You are reckless. You are not worried about the consequences of your acts. You think your money can buy it all, you want more of it, and you don’t care. It was never about the American people. It has always been about you and what can benefit you. Only YOU! It has always been about winning, about power, about revenge. You are out to enrich yourself and to destroy President Obama’s legacy and character. Because nobody can be better than you. 

Our children deserve better, they are anxious and they are scared. We all are. And we can’t be on the sidelines anymore hoping things will change. We mothers need to unite against you, Mr. President. You have underestimated the people, but we are more powerful than you. Never underestimate the power of mothers. We cannot let you ruin our great country for our children anymore. It’s time for you to go.


One of the mothers you’re hurting.