An Open Letter to Secretary Madeline Albright

An Open Letter to Secretary Madeline Albright.
Published on February 8, 2016 | Edit

Dear Madam Secretary,

I've always been an admirer of yours. I cheered when President Bill Clinton appointed you as the first woman to serve as our Secretary of State. You broke through the glass ceiling and you were an outstanding role model and inspiration. When I wrote The Girls' Guide to Power and Success, I quoted you several times.

But, Madam Secretary, when you stood on that stage with Hillary Clinton and basically chastised women who aren't supporting her by saying, "There is a special place in hell for women who don't support other women," I was shocked. Do you think you were selected to serve as Secretary of State solely upon your gender? I sincerely doubt anyone would think that.

So why would I, or any other woman, vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman? And what about Carly Fiorina? Would you say the same if you were on a stage with her?

I am a feminist and very proud of it. I'm an independent woman who has broken through the glass-ceiling myself, and I have helped other women along the way. I'm a firm believer of women supporting women, but not when it means compromising our values and beliefs. That would mean we are nothing more than sheep following the pack instead of independent, strong and smart leaders.

As an entrepreneur, I've witnessed first-hand the devastating affect the Obama Administration's policies and actions have had on small business. For the first time in history, the number of small business closures exceeds small business start-ups. In order to get this country growing again, we need to foster an environment that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit. We can't survive a continuation of the current thinking in Washington DC.

Please understand, I'm thrilled to see two women who are serious contenders for the White House. That doesn't mean I'd vote for either one simply because she is a woman. I, as every woman should, will vote my conscience -- what I believe to be in the best interest of my country, my business, my family and my well-being.

So Madam Secretary, while I will continue to admire your accomplishments, I urge you to never again ask us independent thinking women to support a woman for the sake of supporting a woman. Let's encourage our young woman to think for themselves and to stand on their own two feet. Let's help women entrepreneurs build successful enterprises by getting the government out of their way.

Let's show the world that women win because they deserve to win. They are the best, the brightest, the most qualified -- not a token because of gender.