An Open Letter To Secretary Clinton

To Secretary Clinton,

I write in appreciation of you. You have been a fierce warrior on behalf of the issues I care about, including unity across all Americans especially communities of color, women's rights as human rights including a woman's right to choose about her health and what happens to her body, and supporting ways in which everyone's humanity and dignity can be lifted up.

Your leadership has been an inspiration to me for decades -- perhaps one of the best things to come out of this campaign -- and to millions of women and girls across the country. Your leadership gave girls the same hope that President Obama gave to children of color to reach for the highest levels of attainment.

You have been a champion, dignified in the face of such animus, brave in the face of threats, and strong throughout.

I want you to have peace because you gave it your all and you inspired millions. I hope to support you in your next endeavor in the public arena, because, as you have said, you have dedicated your entire career to public service.

Thank you for that service and I look forward to your next inspirational chapter of leadership.

Kathy Ko Chin