In Defense of the Happy Meal: An Open Letter to San Francisco

Let the kids have their toys. There are bigger issues to focus on right now.
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Dear San Francisco,

Let the kids have their toys.

Yes, I know that America is in the middle of an obesity epidemic. Yes, I know letting a kid have a Happy Meal is worse than letting them eat a tub of frosting. However, I also know that, as a parent, I have a right to feed my kid shit. Oh, and I also know that the toy is never what influences the decision.

When I stop at McDonald's to buy a Happy Meal for my kid or any other kid who happens to be in my car it has nothing to do with the toy. It has to do with the fact food comes quickly, I know they will eat it, and there is often a playground on the premises. If any of the "slow food," "whole grain" restaurants met those criteria, and didn't look at children like they are vermin, we would go there. And the toys you claim are so tempting? Usually they end up in the recycling bin after sitting in my car for two weeks. Really, they suck.

Now, I am sure you are thinking I am a Tea Party joining, NRA card toting conservative. I'm not. I like big government. I like government that wants to take care of people. I just don't think it should mandate it. Making sure everyone has health insurance? Yes. Forcing everyone to get a colonoscopy? Nope. Offering help to the homeless? Yep. Forcing them to take it? Nope. It's kind of like feeding my kid. I offer her the best food possible. I can't make her eat it. You should have seen how she scraped butternut squash ravioli off her tongue. She also feels that way about chicken nuggets.

Further, do you know how jerky this whole thing makes you look? There are bigger issues to focus on right now -- like civil rights for everyone. Keep your eyes on the prize.



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