An Open Letter to the Electorate: You Have a Choice

Dear Fellow Democrat,

My name is Anna Sterne and I am a mother, nurse, volunteer and school board member from Dobbs Ferry. I am running on the Democratic line for Member of the New York Assembly in the 92nd District.

On September 14th, Democrats of the 92nd District have a once in a generation chance to vote for change and reform. Richard Brodsky's seat is empty for the first time in 28 years. This year Democrats have a clear choice: (1) vote for a career politician who wants a bigger job and represents the status quo; or (2) vote for me, Anna Sterne, a grassroots organizer who doesn't owe anyone any favors and is dedicated to change. Without reform in Albany, we can't get the economy moving again or fix the State budget or lower taxes.

I recognize that as one of 150 Members of the Assembly, I can't reform Albany alone. But the forces of change are gathering. Next year, when Andrew Cuomo is Governor, and Richard Brodsky is our next Attorney General, I want to be there to fight for real reform.

I bring real world experience to the biggest issues facing New York State. New York spends $60 billion each year on education. This is largest item in every budget and tax bill. I understand the trade-offs between academic excellence and rising property taxes. Through measures like paperwork reduction and freezing unfunded mandates, we can reduce spending without impacting the classroom or athletic field. As the only Member of the Assembly who has led a suburban school board, I will focus on the school property taxes that are squeezing the middle class and elderly.

Health care is the other area where I have expertise. If we can't stop health insurance premiums from rising, more and more New Yorkers are going to suffer a drop in their standard of living -- and local governments and school districts are going to have to cut other services to pay for health care coverage. The solution is to regulate insurance premiums and make sure that the State enacts federal health care reform.

Being a New York State Assemblywoman also requires expertise in dozens of other areas. Frankly, I don't intend to be a 'jack of all trades, master of none.' I am going to focus on education and health care because they represent 61% of 'Total State Operating Funds.' When I am called upon to make decisions in areas where I don't have in-depth knowledge, I will reach out to my team and the talented people of the 92nd for advice and counsel.

The Democrats of the 92nd District have a chance to change New York State on September 14th. If we endorse a career politician, unfortunately, little or nothing is likely to change. If we have the courage to "throw out the bums" as Mayor Ed Koch is calling for with his NY Uprising, we can make a difference. The choice is in your hands on September 14th.

Vote Anna Sterne, Democrat for New York State Assembly, on September 14th.